Thursday, 27 May 2010

About Me

I am not going to rant on this post, seeing that it is something Baroque is now known for. Talking about knowing me, allow me to tell you about me in ways that many of you may have already figured.

So here goes...

* I can get very angry very easily, so I say so before it gets there. For this reason I joke a whole lot & can go out of my way to do whatever makes me happy. Good or bad.

* I don’t like being badgered. It is harassment.

* I hate obstinate people.

* I am finicky, some people say I have OCD, but I’m not too choosy, & I can be quite easy going.

* I am a very impatient man but I’m not too hasty or anxious to do stuff. I get edgy and irritated if made to wait longer than planned or unplanned.

* Which brings me to being the king pf procrastination. Nothing I am proud of, although I have my pride intact as a man but I’m not arrogant or swollen with pride either.

* I am self conscious, a bit too much. But sometimes I may not care.

* I can be spontaneous but I like to plan before travel. If I am involved in it, don’t change the plans in the middle & think that I will go along.

* I detest people going through my belongings. I can end a relationship if I catch you going through my stuff.

* I find myself quite lecherous and will almost always perverse any statements or misstatements just for the fun of it. I hope it doesn't offend you.

* I can tell it how it is, with a sense of humour, or not; many people think I’m cool & that I make them laugh. Maybe they’re wrong. I hope not.

* I have a morbid fear of being stabbed or worse still tortured to death.

* I don’t make promises, but I can hardly ever go back on my resolve. I am vindictive. I may forgive but I won’t forget.

* I’m a bad man; I’ve got sex on my mind 25hours a day. Almost everything is f***kable. My mind is my worst enemy. I don’t have harmless crushes.

* I am afraid of heights and enclosed spaces.

* The thought of breaking a hymen scares me shitless. I am scared of virgins. I have never tried one and hopefully never will.

* I am the first person to not care about what doesn’t concern me. The phrase that says, don’t let your forgetfulness constitute an emergency on my path, was said because of me.

* I like to hear what people think about me just don’t judge me if not I’ll spit pepper in your eyes.