Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Very Happy Christmas...

Glad tidings of great joy i bring to you. May the joy and blessings of this season continue with you, now and forever more.

I wish my entire blogsville family a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Naija Border Agency

Is the Nigerian immigration an organisation at all? I have not seen such a degree of negligence in such a supposedly sensitive occupation. Very recently, I went through immigration only for me to find out that they had stamped a wrong date on my passport; the date of the previous day. I would rather they use up all the space on the page before starting a fresh page so I open it & hand the passport to them (waste of time), but I always check after I get it back.

I looked at the passport & saw the date. At the time I wasn’t sure what that day’s date was so I stayed pondering over it & waiting for my turn at the metal detectors. Suddenly I hear the guys behind me complaining bitterly about the same thing & turned around to take it up with the guy that stamped it. After they returned successfully, I went back too to get the right date stamped on, which he did without a word of apology (not like I expected one anyway).

Fast forward days later, I return home to Nigeria & ofcourse, immigration again, this time I was in a rush to catch a domestic flight to Port Harcourt so I grabbed my passport back & off to catch my flight. After I got home, I went ahead to inspect my passport to know if the lady stamped on the current page or started a fresh one. It took me minutes to realise there was no stamp on my passport, but before I panicked, I went through my old passport (that so happened to be attached to the new Nigerian e-passport) & find a very faint stamp for my arrival date, all I could see was OCT 2010 *smh*. I cursed & cursed & cursed the immigration woman, & her entire family. How could you possibly stamp on a passport that has been Cancelled Without Prejudice by your office?

What is the meaning of that? If any visa issuing officer decides to go through my passport(s) to marry Seen On Departure dates to their respective Seen On Arrival dates, I wish him or her the best of luck.

There’s a reason why the pages on the passport are numbered, so that things can be done orderly. Haphazard equals chaos, and is not and will never be the way forward for Nigeria.


Monday, 11 October 2010

Nigeria@50_Day Eleven_Arise O’Compatriots

Yesterday on Nigeria@50 Day 10 - Spesh'sWorld


I am the star formerly known as the giant of Africa. Those days are long gone now. Used and abused, my glory has departed. I have survived a great deal of developmental regression. Is a renaissance possible after 5 long decades of deprivation & disease? Isn’t it just nonsensical that I am still battling with the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae?


Age is nothing but a number, they say, but time is the factor that has happened to me & has taken a chance on me. Over the years, a good number of my people have left me in search of greener pastures; not all of them will find it greener but most will settle-in well with the ordinary lushness of foreign lands. I blame them not for I may not have given them hope enough to stay. I only pray I don’t lose the dear ones that are still abiding to the devices of hostage takers and explosives.


I am now of the people by the people & for the people. I am my people. Mine has been quite a difficult life despite my priceless resources. I have been in the messiest relationships, going from one bad to another. My presidents have continually screwed me over, through & through.


I’ve been there, done that & bought the tee shirt which is now stained with oil & with blood. Like an interminable rollercoaster, I relive the days spent. I have fought a war. I have hosted festivals. I have been stripped, raped & beaten. I have borrowed, & then borrowed again. I have been afflicted & impregnated. I have had children. I have had several abortions too, likewise miscarriages. I still had more children & I want to borrow some more. I have been frustrated & deep down in the depths of despair. I should have died but my people have been praying.


Dear God consider our fervent supplication, we pray.


I didn’t do these things to myself; some of you did it to me. Guilty as charged, it’s not up for debate. You know yourselves. My program got structurally adjusted and it became either upper class or economy. My poverty is not only of the mind, it is of the pockets of my people. My poor resilient folk; all they ask for is light. Please let there be light.


My people let us take the bull by the horns. We shall all come out & we shall vote, & our votes must be counted. Our voices must be heard. We can make it work, whether they like it or not.


My past & present leaders should be made to bear the repercussion of their actions. You can’t leave me in abject penury & walk free. There’s no free lunch in Freetown. Once beaten twice shy. I have had enough of the prejudice & the selective judgements. All perpetrators of wickedness must be brought to book. We must live right, & devoid of any more sorrow, tears or blood. I am fed-up of all your cocktail & bullshit tales of bygone years, it is still fresh on our minds. We want equal rights & justice.


Arise o’compatriots. The time is now. Rise up. Save me, save you, save our country.


Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Tomorrow on Nigeria@50 Day 12 - Flygirl

Friday, 24 September 2010

You Have Only Made It Worse

This is definitely not mixed feelings; I am very angry and temperamental this morning. Alas I’m not one of those people that can ‘sleep over it’ and wake up delighted in the morning, I am not. I wake up in the middle of the night & it is fresh on my mind.


I can’t stand people poking their noses in my life especially when it is people that I respect (e.g. parents, uncles & aunties). I do not react very well to people judging me wrongly, or assuming they know what you have no fucking idea about.


With my eyes rolled, I will not even pretend to listen to you & your admonishments but I may just be there till you finish, however, believe me, you will get the very opposite result, and whatever you may have been complaining about is just about to get worse. I’m about to give you something to talk about, since you want to drink Panadol for another mans headache, here comes high blood pressure.


Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? Do I look like a kid to you?

How dare you talk about my friends? Do you know them?

Do you want to remodel my means for me? If you don’t fucking like my method & its madness, go & jam electric pole

I am the KING of my life, & no one else, are you my GOD?

How dare you even suggest to me the way you think I should live my life? Na you get my life?

Do you have any idea the kind of person I am?


Sorry guys, but I’m not going into details here for obvious reasons. If you see me today with a puckered brow, just know that it’s not about you, or maybe it may just be about you, or better still, we can make it about you.


I’m not sure I’m even in the mood to try to make myself happy.

Have a nice weekend, I’ll be fine

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

iReport Myself

For the past few weeks, I’ve been meaning to put up a post but I have succeeded in failing, and that’s why I’m here to report.


It is no fault of mine, blame RIM (Research In Motion), it’s entirely their fault. I’ve been doing just fine with my ordinary make call, receive call, send text, receive text phones until I went and got me a blackberry.


The blackberry is serving the purpose for which it was procured, & more. The ‘more’ is both negative & positive. However, I am not here to report myself that I now have porn right there in my hand for the viewing pleasures of me & others *SMH*


I had refused to use my bb for more than its originally intended use, because of its seeming anti-social nature until I got invited to this group. I have been on others before, some I was silent, some I wasn’t, and others I lasted a day or two before leaving, but this group has got me hooked.


This group I speak about is actually nothing so fantastic, started out as a joke but has become like a virtual big brother house, & now it has gotten me addicted such that I now take my charger to work because before the end of my lunch break my battery has run out.


Now, besides the joviality and the many great laughs I have on this group, there are some prospects of getting a shag, or 2, but I’m not sure I want to tow that line, just yet. Especially because most of the girls there are just bloody cockteasers & I would rather fuck someone with a brain I can pick, & not some over-zealous third year university student decked with N95,000 lace-wig & looks like Donna Summer (LMAO, bad belle sha) these babes are HOTT sha *wink*


Long thing, a writer always has more conversation than a chatter. Quote me & sue me if you like. I would rather try to shag a blogger instead; now, you didn’t hear that


Ok, enough said, I undertake to give my bloggers more attention than be carried away by the flighty fantasies of a blackberry group.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wrong Buy!

I am so pissed, my phone screen has been going blank for a while now, so I refused to slide it shut so it stays on. So you can imagine my N81 staying open even in my pocket because if I slide it shut I might have to restart the phone to get to see anything on the screen.


So I go ahead to seek out a replacement, and followed the advice of my friend and colleague. I buy a Nokia6700, hard metal sleek flat small phone. Now I have owned the phone for a little over 12hours and it is driving me mad. I managed to do a phone switch and got all my contacts and calendar entries transferred.


Now I save contacts by what I can remember people by, e.g. all the people that work in UBA have the letters, UBA after their names, with a space in between, such that all I have to do is type the letters, UBA and all the entries with the letter UBA appear, even names like Ubani.etc. But with this bitch, I have to remember the first names of the individuals and type it. As in, my Contact list is surname first so I have to recall the names I saved it as and, OMG, I do not have the patience for that kind of thing. It is driving me mad here. I am already searching for names.


I’m so upset this morning; I want to sell the phone for N30k, N7k less than I paid for it yesterday evening. I can’t take it back to the person I bought it from because I gave him heat for him to get it, now I don’t want it. Or I might just give the damn phone out.


It is still very brand new; all the waterproof sheets are intact. I’ve got the packet at home, & I’m tempted to go home right now & swap my sim right back in the half dead phone, & sell this nonsense. If I could transfer all my contacts to my blackberry, I might just have only one phone.


Some one here should tell me they want the phone & I’ll DHL it right to you (in Nigeria only) if you promise to pay N35k in my account on receipt of the phone. I’m really unhappy about this purchase.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Food & Drinks Only



Chapman / Sunrise / Piña colada

Finger Foods

Spring Rolls / Sausages / Peppered Goat Meat (Asu) / Mini puff

Native Dishes

Banga / Egusi / Okazi / Opurofulo Soup with Pounded Yam / Eba / Fufu / Starch


Kekefia (Unripe Plantain Porridge) / Nkwobi


Fried Rice / Jollof Rice / Coconut Rice / Native Rice (Banga) / Vegetable Salad


Garlic Fish / Peppered Snail / Chicken in Tomato Sauce & Green Pepper / Goat Meat


Fruit Salad / Cakes / Ice-cream



Moet Rose (Brut Imperial & Nectar) / Vueve Cliquot


Remy Martin VSOP / Hennessy VSOP


Vin rouge / Blanc Vin / Rosé


Guinness Stout / Star / Gulder / Harp / Heineken


Citrus / Apple / Pineapple / Mango Juice


Malt Drinks / Coke / Fanta / Sprite / Redbull / Bottled water

~ far so good, we're talking approximately NGN5,380,000 (USD $36,000)


Monday, 19 July 2010

I Write, You Write, We Write

I never really gave thought to the reason why I write. Some of you say you do because it is therapeutical so you string a few words, or more, and tell us a story or two, true or not, express your pain or hurt, laughs and joy, deeds and intents, desires and sexcapades. Some of us only rant and wish life was not the way it was.

It may not get better right now but the words given vent to could lighten the writer.

I used to write because it was beautiful to create something out of nothing. More than not likely, it would start with a blank page & then out pours essence from your heart & mind and it turns from letters to words, from words to sentences, from sentences to paragraphs, from paragraphs to chapters, from chapters to books.

And some authors are borne.

It is beautiful, and sounds easy on the ear too, the way the words fall in steady rhythm and charming rhymes. A few lines carrying so much meaning expressed from the heart of the writer to the mind of the reader.

There’s no better meaning to the word poetry.

Words fall out of spaces, into more decipherable characters than hieroglyphics, although not necessarily in English Language. A language so deep, yet so illogical. My honest opinion.

I love the way it doesn’t follow most of the times; as stubborn like a mule.

I am heavy hearted, & I wish my words would cheer me up but I find them not thus my rage. I am bereft of the verbal skill to lay hold of and partake of the healing milk they say writing gives. This amateur writer is blocked.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Domestically Official

It was a regular Thursday morning at the office, and we had congregated in one office chatting rowdily about nothing in particular, from the lack of electricity in the country to the hawkers on bootlegged porn DVDs on the streets to nonsensically high costs of primary school fees.

The air was alive with everyone anticipating the weekend and the public holiday slated for the following Monday.

We all heard the noise coming from my boss’s office so we went silent in a moment and turned in the direction of the secretariat. She was bawling loudly and talking at the same time and he was trying to pacify her.

I didn’t think a contractor would be in our office this early or would be over-the-top as such so I guessed my boss’s wife had brought their domestic misdemeanours to his office because it was something that she could do.

At this time, Ify, his assistant secretary was heading to us as we looked on towards the source of the commotion.

“Where is Mr.Ebi, his wife is in oga’s office” she said

Ebitari was at his desk relishing his breakfast of fried yam, akara and fried eggs when Tam tells him to report immediately to the manager’s office.

“Ebi, e don happen oh. E be like say you don commit. Your madame dey oga office”

“My wife?” Mr.Ebi asked with surprise

“She’s relaying all your transgressions to the manager” Tam added

“What? This woman is cruising for another bruising” he said smiling but obviously enraged

Then he stormed off towards the secretariat. We all followed.

We pulled the door to shut it as Ebi entered the office but left it slightly open, so we stood around silently trying to listen to the conversation going on inside before my boss’s secretary, Doris, filled us in on what she had heard so far.

Ebitari had beaten his wife and she seemed like she was hit by a runaway train seeing that he was a very physically strong man. Apparently this was not the first time, in the past she had been almost hospitalised after a good pounding from him. All this was news to me, Mr.Ebitari Peters who wore a smile most of the time, was one of the happier people we had in the department. Unlike me, most of the office folk had never seen him express anger, least of violence.

We could hear her talk to her husband insolently in front of the boss when he refused to answer the queries thrown at him, insisting that she should leave the premises and go home. This was before the door got kicked shut to our faces and eavesdropping ears so we moved away to resume our analysis of this brand new suspenseful episode.

I had met Mrs. Peters at a colleague’s child’s birthday bash and she gave off a certain vibe though there was hearsay about her undying belligerence. Now, it was to be confirmed.

I only hoped the boss was not going to fan the flames of by trying to be a judge. I am far from being impressed by his judgement of quarrels between us subordinates least of all a staff’s domestic issue that has not business in our office.

Tam who was Ebi’s closest friend in the department gave us a sneak peek into the private life of Mr.Ebi, telling us how she had been the most insecure, aggressive and disrespectful wife to her husband and how he had borne it for years.

However, she had brought their issues to his manager, knowing that Ebitari held him in high regard.

Besides my feeling for Mrs.Peters as regards what will happen to her at home for attempting to make a public spectacle of her husband, I sincerely refuse to bother with the consequences of this performance; nonetheless, I am concerned with why this issue should be brought to the office.

This is West Africa (Nigeria) and the society thinks and acts indifferently towards domestic violence than if it was Europe or America. Do our work ethics (if any) allow the use of company time and space for the settlement of such domestic issues?

Monday, 5 July 2010

So Much For Holidays - More Reasons Why I Dislike Dubai

A British DJ was sentenced to four years in prison by a Dubai court this week after tests revealed traces of cannabis in his blood. Sure, it's not exactly legal at home, but FOUR years?!

Of course he's not the first Brit to wind up behind bars or deported because they're not clued up about the strict United Arab Emirates laws.

According to the Foreign Office, 1.1 million Britons visited the UAE last year and 294 of them were arrested or detained by police - making it more likely to happen there than in any other country in the world.

So if getting banged up abroad is on your 'to do' list of life experiences, here are some easy ways to break the law in Dubai...

Do some dirty dancing
Ever thought your dance moves ought to be illegal? Then head to Dubai, where they just very well might be. Unless you're at a licensed club or in the privacy of your hotel room then dancing is considered indecent and provocative and could get you arrested. During Ramadan you won't even find a dancefloor to throw some shapes on risk-free - dancing, loud music and live music are forbidden during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, so nightclubs usually close and all the bands go on holiday.

Give someone the finger
Back home it's just a bit rude but making insulting gestures in Dubai is regarded as obscene and totally unacceptable – as 56-year-old Brit Simon Andrew discovered in March this year when he was accused of showing an aviation student his middle finger during a row and was arrested. He denies flipping the bird but has had his passport confiscated while awaiting trial. It has been known for offenders to get a 6-month sentence for such an act and some have been deported.

Have sex on the beach
For a surefire way to wind up behind bars, break a couple of laws at once. Because of their strict laws about indecency, public sex is beyond unacceptable and do it with someone you're not married to – a crime that entails prosecution, imprisonment and/or a fine and deportation – and you're firing on all cylinders. Michelle Palmer, 36, of Oakham, Rutland, and Vince Acors, 34, of Bromley, SE London, did just that last year and were banged up for three months before being deported, as well as fined 1,000 dirhams (about £180).

Snog in a restaurant
Don't assume you have to go all the way to infringe on their decency regulations – the law extends to kissing and even holding hands, unless you're married. British marketing executive Ayman Najafi and Charlotte Adams – both in their 20s - were arrested and accused of public indecency after an Emirati woman claimed they exchanged a passionate kiss in a restaurant. They were given a one-month jail sentence for public indecency and illegal drinking, fined 1,000 dirhams, then deported. The pair maintain it was merely a peck on the cheek.

Drink Sex on the Beach
If you thought we were talking about the vodka-based cocktail before, that could work too. Buying drinks in licensed hotels or bars is allowed but drinking – or being drunk – is illegal in public. You'll stand out particularly well in the resort of Sharjah where booze is banned full stop, apart from for residents with a licence to drink at home. It is also an offence in the UAE to drink and drive, no matter how tiny the amount. If you're arrested on alcohol-related offences you'll likely be jailed while you await trial and penalties entail hefty jail sentences and large fines.

Smoke some wacky baccy
Drugs are almost always a law breaker, but Dubai is about as far from Amsterdam as you can get. Possession and consumption is treated very seriously in the UAE and – as the British DJ who had no drugs on him recently discovered – possession includes anything in your system, so even if you have a cheeky joint before you get on the Dubai-bound plane and you could end up falling foul of their regulations, and wind up with their mandatory minimum of four years in jail.

Other laws you should know about
Shopping in shorts could attract attention from the authorities - unless you're on the beach or by the pool, then anything tight, transparent, short or displaying your stomach, shoulders or back if you're a woman, is considered indecent. Same if you're a man in shorts or displaying a bare chest. Photography of certain government buildings is also illegal, as is perusing any form of pornographic material. If all else fails, smuggle in a bacon sandwich – pork is banned – and a poppy seed roll will add to the criminality of the action, as poppy seeds are also on the UAE's forbidden list.

Copied & pasted from

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ke Nako

For the love of this beautiful game, a Sabbath morning, 12 days ago, I woke up in a cold town in north South Africa, p.k.a. J'borg. I was not going to be an absentee at the games that had been brought to my backyard. Let's not tell the story about how my boss almost refused to give me days off. Well, he eventually did after more than enough coaxing. I hopped on a plane & left with my homie Omo.

The FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010™ games were great, despite the more frequently occurring questionable officiating, whether seen in the brand new world class stadiums or at the heavily crowded Fan Fest locations. Durban was not half as cold as Johannesburg had a lot to offer but sadly it was injury time & we had to call it a day.

Don’t you just love football? One of the few opportunities for you to see grown ass men chase after each other for a rubber ball. In this case, called the Jabulani.

And for the unwinding, as we may wish to call it, we hit the streets & found some mad aboriginal house music. The clubs were jumping to & so was Soweto. Now it was a major fan fest, partying with fans from the far away USA and some locals.

As an incredible night crawler, bedtime never happened before 4am. Uncle Jack was a good friend, just a little coke & no ice. Even the radio stations made it worth my while. The DJs were hot. It was quite a listening experience that was second to none for the moment.

After a very long time, it gave me mad thrills to sing the Nigerian national anthem alas, I am still perplexed what Yakubu Aiyegbeni was doing on the Super Eagles line up in the first place.

Well, despite all would be disappointments, new friends were made, some will be kept, others will be lost, intentionally or not, some unfinished businesses will be completed and others will be terminated. It was time & money well spent

Come FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™



Thursday, 3 June 2010

Melancholic Blues ;-(

It's been a while since I felt my usual exuberance.

I do not know the cause of this but I know that I am not happy.

This man is bereft of all enthusiasm, happy high spirits & vitality

I have not been on cloud nine in a very long time.

Happiness is a choice, so even when I decide to do something that elates me, it is ephemeral.

There are a few things that are weighing on me & eating me up slowly.

Some I can lay a finger (or fingers) on.

Some I am not even allowed to think.

Home, work and everything in between.

I can’t give any details right now.

Pardon me everyone; I had said I would stop my tirades on blogsville.

I hope you all are in good health.

Have a nice time & stay in your high spirits.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

About Me

I am not going to rant on this post, seeing that it is something Baroque is now known for. Talking about knowing me, allow me to tell you about me in ways that many of you may have already figured.

So here goes...

* I can get very angry very easily, so I say so before it gets there. For this reason I joke a whole lot & can go out of my way to do whatever makes me happy. Good or bad.

* I don’t like being badgered. It is harassment.

* I hate obstinate people.

* I am finicky, some people say I have OCD, but I’m not too choosy, & I can be quite easy going.

* I am a very impatient man but I’m not too hasty or anxious to do stuff. I get edgy and irritated if made to wait longer than planned or unplanned.

* Which brings me to being the king pf procrastination. Nothing I am proud of, although I have my pride intact as a man but I’m not arrogant or swollen with pride either.

* I am self conscious, a bit too much. But sometimes I may not care.

* I can be spontaneous but I like to plan before travel. If I am involved in it, don’t change the plans in the middle & think that I will go along.

* I detest people going through my belongings. I can end a relationship if I catch you going through my stuff.

* I find myself quite lecherous and will almost always perverse any statements or misstatements just for the fun of it. I hope it doesn't offend you.

* I can tell it how it is, with a sense of humour, or not; many people think I’m cool & that I make them laugh. Maybe they’re wrong. I hope not.

* I have a morbid fear of being stabbed or worse still tortured to death.

* I don’t make promises, but I can hardly ever go back on my resolve. I am vindictive. I may forgive but I won’t forget.

* I’m a bad man; I’ve got sex on my mind 25hours a day. Almost everything is f***kable. My mind is my worst enemy. I don’t have harmless crushes.

* I am afraid of heights and enclosed spaces.

* The thought of breaking a hymen scares me shitless. I am scared of virgins. I have never tried one and hopefully never will.

* I am the first person to not care about what doesn’t concern me. The phrase that says, don’t let your forgetfulness constitute an emergency on my path, was said because of me.

* I like to hear what people think about me just don’t judge me if not I’ll spit pepper in your eyes.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Rant For March

I've got nothing to say here; just decided to drop one before April...

I've been having a horrible time at work...maybe they should retitle my job description to The Ultimate Finisher...I am the one who has been saddled with vetting & giving go ahead to my boss for jobs some of my inefficient colleagues started, its frustrating they come to explain to me like I should overlook their excesses...see me see motorcycle oh, na Baroque now dey put sand sand in their garri

*shakes head*

In the spirit of saving costs, I think I would spend far less time & less on petrol if I had a cash machine at my house...I cannot recount the number of times I visited the ATM machine, its high time they consider fitting one on my wall...

I met someone & after a few hours she described me as cool; I believe her, especially because I did nothing to gain the title...I think she's cool too

...over the past month, I have spent a minimum of 30minutes in the loo right after I get back from; this is one of those moments...


The taxi drivers in Port Harcourt (& bus drivers too) should all be lined up & shot...I can't explain that bit further...they are the worst nuisances ever, its unbelieveable...Today, they say, ends the reign of Keke NAPEP in Port Harcourt...Praise be to Almighty God

I used to be afraid of horses because I didn't like the way they looked at, no matter how strong they may be, I don't agree to them being whipped for nothing (yes, you, you know yourself)...Poor creatures...they should be left alone to grow their manes & eat green grass


My back is hurting here, from yesterday's workout
So I leave y'all now & run along

*inhales deeply*

Have yourselves a graceful Easter weekend

Jesus is Risen
Peace out

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A – Z from me, thanks to YOU

Many many thanks to all those that took the time out to drop their ONE WORDS, especially the bloggers that have actually stopped blogging, e.g. Jaja, Hengish.etc…I deeply appreciate the gesture…so here goes

Apodysophilia, *singing* “It’s getting hot in here…”

Beaches; Political correct spelling for female canines

Corny = Copy & Paste

Destiny; If there really is, then why do we even bother?

Exciting = This Aso Rock drama

Fabulous; Definitely not Beyonce *hisses*

Gator boots really go with Gucci suits, pimped out or not

Horny, and sadly I can’t blame it on the alcohol

Insecure; thus the lock code on my phones

Joker; Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua

Kissed, hope not by Katy Perry

Loner; you bloody hermit

Morbid; Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua

Nobody at the helm of affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Opportunist, No time wasters

Philistine; Big for nothing! It took only one pebble & a slingshot *hisses*

Quantum; Back that thing up to me anytime

Resilience; The virtue of Nigerians

Soliloquy; Me, myself & I, we speak in monologues

Timid; Goodluck Jonathan’s seeming demeanour

Universe, simply out of this world

Venire; Inapplicable to our judiciary

Waka-waka, …but I can only be at one place at a time

Xenophobia; God save us, come FIFA2010 WorldCup

Yes, Unlike No, no dey tear shirt

Zeal; Such outlandish enthusiastic diligence

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another A - Z for you

This time again, I need twenty six (26) of YOU, to say ONE WORD each, starting from the letter A & going in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, with words that you may want as sub-themes. It is one word per alphabet PLEASE. Say no more after your ONE WORD & I mean NOMORE.

It may be any word, WHATEVER COMES TO MIND (simple or compound words) and I will reply your EVERYWORDS, perhaps referring to me.

The only rules that apply are that the comments must be in alphabetical order, the FIRST ONE being a word that begins with the letter ‘A’, such that the 8th comment is a word that begins with the letter ‘H’ & the 17th, ‘Q’. People, you know what I mean.

Hoping I can get up to twenty-six (26) comments, I would rather ONE WORD/COMMENT per person. In cases of MISTAKES, NON-COMPLIANCE or REPETITIONS, the less preferred one would be DELETED, possibly giving the 'COMMENTOR' another spot.

All rights to DISALLOW comments are reserved.