Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blogsville Today

I've been a blogger for just a little above 2 years. There were some bloggers that made blogsville worth the while for me a newcomer. Some of them are still around, others are gone, it's for them to say if for good.

Others have rebranded missions and intents because certain elements have infected & poisoned them with insults, unswerving and insinuated. Did I even hear that some that met here have gotten married, or were they already a thing before they started blogging?


If I said I was leaving blogsville, for good, i know not, would any of you ask me not to? And why?
Right now, I am not sure if I’m feeling this space anymore...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Last Weekend

Friday Night;
Long Drives & Bumpy Wet Roads
More Bad Road & Rivers To Cross
Free Parking & News Café
Loud Music & Uncool Backup
Expensive Alcohol & Some Laughs

Early Saturday Morning;
Airport Runs & Distant Car Parks
Cash Points & Travelex Disappointment
Local Forex Abokis & Mysterious N5k Loss
Rain & More Rain

Saturday Afternoon;
Deep Sleep & Its 1600hrs
Awakened To Mad Starvation
Hook Ups & The Sumptuous Eba & Edika Ikong
Guinness & Smokes

Saturday Night;
Long Bridge Drives & More Rain
Radio Station Tour, Classic & New
Good Chatter & Mad Laughs
Mohito with No Ice & Lovely Lagoon View
Bridges Crossed To Deep Slumber

Sunday Morning;
Early Morning Drives & Drop Off Zones
Warm Duvet & Slumber Part II
Midday Flight & Early Check In
PH, The Garden City
My Home Sweet Home

Now, What Does This Weekend Hold?
Yesterday Would Have Been Mad Fun
But It Didn’t Happen
If Tomorrow Comes
Let Her Speak For Herself

I Hope This Weekend Is Better Then The Last One
However, Let It Be Golden For You All

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Have You Ever...?

Stolen Anything: Of Course I Have, & I Was Good At It
Been Drunk Before Noon: High, Yes, But Not Drunk
Had Sex In A Public Place: Twice Same Night!
Got Caught Telling A Lie: Who Hasn’t?
Been Arrested: Got To The Station & Managed To Talk My Way Out Of It
Littered: Well, Before the Idiagbon Era
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: & The Fact She Was Married Didn't Help Matters
Cheated On A Test: It Depends On What You Want To Do With The Result
Cheated In A Relationship: Do You Really Want Me To Answer That?
Failed A Class: Never. Come To Think Of It, I Was Almost Always Top 5
Screened Your Phone Calls: It Was the Last Resort
Eaten Food Off The Floor: Still Do, If Biscuits Count
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Are You Mad? Who Hasn’t
Wished You Were Someone Else: I’m Thinking, ...Michael Jackson?
Cried During A Movie: Getting Teary Eyed Is Not Quite Crying, Is It?
Had A One Night Stand: What Do You Take Me For, A Saint?
Had To Pull Over On The Side Of The Road To Puke?: No, Not At All. It Never Gets That Bad
Had Your Heart Broken?: ...& I Still Don’t Know What I Did To Her
Had A Good Feeling About Something?: Common, I’m Not That Pessimistic
Had A Near Death Experience: Yup, I Think I Have Died Once.
Swam In Freezing Water: Not Had The Luxury Of Scuba Diving At Meteorite Bay
Jumped Off A House: abi Horse? Anyway 2years Ago, For the Heck Of It, I Jumped From My 1st Floor Balcony & Bruised My Ankles
Been Attacked?: At Least, Once...My Assailant(s) Didn't Like What He/They Got
Bungee Jumped: The Price Is Yet To Be Right
White Water Rafted: Like I Know What That Means
Pulled An All Nighter?: What a Question...*hiss*
Surfed: I'm Not Even Interested
Lied About Your Age: Well, She Might Not Have Fallen If She Knew She Was 6years Older?
Broken A Bone?: NEVER & Never Will, In Jesus Name

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Futile Wrangle by LVMH & Jimmy Choo

“Women!” we all chorused in the middle of his story

He continued
After he had introduced and explained himself to the attendant, she brandishes a pair of silver coloured shoes then he enquired to confirm what the price was
“Sir, its sixty-five thousand naira” the attendant replied
I don’t know what his reaction was but it definitely was one of surprise because he picked up his phone and called his fiancée, she confirmed it was sixty-five thousand naira and said thank you before he consented to anything.

“Sixty-five thousand naira ke? Is that meant to be chicken change, then how much was the dress going to cost?”
“Why you dey talk like that?” he started to ask me, “You mean you no get shoe wey reach 60k?”
“My broda, no vex, I no get” I replied

“Ah ah, I have shoes that cost more than that oh” another friend added hilariously

“Wait oh, so you mean say as you dey like this, you no get shoe wey reach 60k?” He interrogated me further
“As I dey like how? That one na achievement?”
“Wetin you dey carry all your money do?” he said
“Definitely not buy shoes that cost 60k”
“Ol boy take your money buy quality things, no dey mise1”
“Quality fire, see eh, there’s nowhere you’ll wear your 1million naira shoe to that I won’t wear my regular priced shoes to”
“How many shoes you get sef?” he continued
“This boy, are you alright?” I asked him, “Like it’s of any importance, I’ve got more shoes than I can wear at the moment” I concluded
“Come to my house and let me show you a room filled with shoes only, some I never even wear” he boasted arrogantly
“Crap, I don see shoes wey you dey wear; your taste no follow. Guy, you still wear Timberland boots to work, common, what are we talking about?” I added
“You know how much I buy the Timbs?” he questioned, “You say I have no taste, you think say na that suit you wear come Mark wedding on Saturday?”

I thought to myself with this irate sensation gradually creeping over me, my friend was going down the road of being quite petty and I was not going to let him get me cheap.

“Gosh, you’re so unbelievable, ok na, lets get down to it, yes, my suit might not have been the best at the wedding but it sure was a perfect fit, but make we talk about the one you wear, considering the size, did you buy it for half a million naira?” I quizzed in utmost mockery.
“See this guy oh, I bought that suit two weeks ago in Italy for over five hundred Euros” he said pompously
“You had the opportunity to do the shopping yourself and all you could get was papa-dash-me? Ol boy, you yab, maybe if it was your size, it would have cost far less, ever heard of the word bespoke?” I said laughing
“Call am anything you like, but no wear that your rubbish suit again” he advised
“I gree, maybe your suit was a million Euros but take it from me, it didn’t look good on you. You looked like one OMATA guy, the fucking suit was oversized, mister. You were lost in it”

Luckily, someone interrupted, saying something about us being immature, (which honestly I agree). Moreover it seemed like it was going to be an endless spat and might likely get out of hand. We changed topics for the love of the game and proceeded to glug down the rest of the Hennessey that lay in wait unwearyingly.

The night ended on a merry note after the ship from the port had offloaded its consignment into our hands.