Thursday, 21 May 2009

Lazy Meme

What is your name: Baroque (I bet you knew that already)
A four Letter Word: boob

A boy's Name: Bassey

A girl's Name: Boma

An occupation: Brick-layer

A colour: Black

Something you'll wear: Briefs

A food: Babeena (children love babeena, olden days NTA)

Something found in the bathroom: Bare nyash

A place: Backyard

A reason for being late: Bathing for too long

Something you'd shout: Bastardo!!! (esp @ senseless PH drivers)

A movie title: Blue Velvet

Something you drink: Breast Milk (at least I tasted it in recent times)

A musical group: Boys II Men

An animal: Bingo

A street name: Bourdillon, Ikoyi (I must buy a house on that street, God knows.LOL)

A type of car: Bentley (I must park it in my Bourdillon house)

The title of a song: Big Girls by MIKA