Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Other Day

Now rudely awakened by a phone call at 9am, he was up with a slight headache induced by a fleeting night not necessarily bereft of lascivious activity before which there was an intended food deprivation borne of the desire to lose 13kilos before summer.

It was past midday and yet no official emails had come in so he reckoned he was getting off easy with the self-imposed working-from-home day. This wasn’t long after he had had to re-brush as he realized that Sensodyne was indeed a waste of precious teeth. Thank God for Euthymol.

Fresh dressed like a million bucks, the son of man was out treating himself to a 3 course lunch with boiled potatoes, skewed turkey and pan-fried veal with carrot sauce and then a long overdue pedicure while everyone else was at work. After days and weeks of overzealous weight training and distressing diets that long-awaited therapy was greatly welcomed. With clean feet and fully loaded with nourishment that reassures love-handles, he felt human again.

Crooning along to Kirk Franklin’s Hold Me Now jamming in his ears, he starts a back & forth run in his head about a suitable post for 3six5dotcom and what picture might best represent it. It would be a long coming blog post.

With eyes wide shut, he’s all by himself at a lonesome corner near the big church sipping on an unemotional Campari cocktail with massive olives that felt like meat and was typing away. Suddenly he’s playing with the idea of buying another ticket and flying away.

He gets back home, rips the beddings off the now dressed bed and wraps himself with it.

Its 7:38pm and the day wasn’t getting any less busy. He woke up stretching his lazy bones, swathed in the warm duvet on the carpeted floor trying not to lose the snug position he had found between the bed and the half open portmanteau lying there.  It was a cold evening and he had his socks on.

It didn’t seem like he was settling for an uneventful conclusion to the off day unofficially taken for reasons best known to him. Now he wants edikaikong with piom-piom, but he can only dream.