Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wrong Buy!

I am so pissed, my phone screen has been going blank for a while now, so I refused to slide it shut so it stays on. So you can imagine my N81 staying open even in my pocket because if I slide it shut I might have to restart the phone to get to see anything on the screen.


So I go ahead to seek out a replacement, and followed the advice of my friend and colleague. I buy a Nokia6700, hard metal sleek flat small phone. Now I have owned the phone for a little over 12hours and it is driving me mad. I managed to do a phone switch and got all my contacts and calendar entries transferred.


Now I save contacts by what I can remember people by, e.g. all the people that work in UBA have the letters, UBA after their names, with a space in between, such that all I have to do is type the letters, UBA and all the entries with the letter UBA appear, even names like Ubani.etc. But with this bitch, I have to remember the first names of the individuals and type it. As in, my Contact list is surname first so I have to recall the names I saved it as and, OMG, I do not have the patience for that kind of thing. It is driving me mad here. I am already searching for names.


I’m so upset this morning; I want to sell the phone for N30k, N7k less than I paid for it yesterday evening. I can’t take it back to the person I bought it from because I gave him heat for him to get it, now I don’t want it. Or I might just give the damn phone out.


It is still very brand new; all the waterproof sheets are intact. I’ve got the packet at home, & I’m tempted to go home right now & swap my sim right back in the half dead phone, & sell this nonsense. If I could transfer all my contacts to my blackberry, I might just have only one phone.


Some one here should tell me they want the phone & I’ll DHL it right to you (in Nigeria only) if you promise to pay N35k in my account on receipt of the phone. I’m really unhappy about this purchase.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Food & Drinks Only



Chapman / Sunrise / Piña colada

Finger Foods

Spring Rolls / Sausages / Peppered Goat Meat (Asu) / Mini puff

Native Dishes

Banga / Egusi / Okazi / Opurofulo Soup with Pounded Yam / Eba / Fufu / Starch


Kekefia (Unripe Plantain Porridge) / Nkwobi


Fried Rice / Jollof Rice / Coconut Rice / Native Rice (Banga) / Vegetable Salad


Garlic Fish / Peppered Snail / Chicken in Tomato Sauce & Green Pepper / Goat Meat


Fruit Salad / Cakes / Ice-cream



Moet Rose (Brut Imperial & Nectar) / Vueve Cliquot


Remy Martin VSOP / Hennessy VSOP


Vin rouge / Blanc Vin / Rosé


Guinness Stout / Star / Gulder / Harp / Heineken


Citrus / Apple / Pineapple / Mango Juice


Malt Drinks / Coke / Fanta / Sprite / Redbull / Bottled water


...so far so good, we're talking approximately NGN5,380,000 (USD $36,000)