Wednesday, 30 December 2009

So Far So Good

Nothing like a Nollywood runaway success, this one seems like it’s going to have a very non anticlimactic ending. The year 2009 I speak about, however I can only speak for myself. There were quite a lot of achievements to make up for the under achievements. The makeup and breakups, the additions and subtractions, the deaths and lives, the divisions and multiplications, the omissions and commissions, the ups and downs, the bliss and the fury, the commitments and indifference, the adventures and misadventures.etc

I have been far from good and have learnt more about the man that I am, I make no boast yet I say I was there and did that. I might not be feeling on top of the world presently or be in the best of moods but I am heartily thankful to Almighty God for all his goodness and faithfulness towards me. To say the least, He’s simply awesome.

The past few days has had me winding down on a very low key. No black market petrol , no generator hullaballoo, no mad PH drivers blaring horns, no stale air, no touts enforcing non-existent traffic laws or trying to jump drivers in the middle of traffic.

For almost a week, I have been in the place where my ancestors found their roots, literally chilling under blankets, browsing the internet or watching movies, and being catered to hopelessly by the women in my life. I am savouring this period of not having to spend money daily just to get by. You should expect nothing less when a little over an hour away from the so-called Garden City of Port Harcourt lies my humble hometown with almost 24hour uninterrupted power supply with almost no traffic and such city madness, all year round.

One other interesting note is how I can live under the same roof with my father and avoid him like we were married to the same husband. He sure knows how to get under my skin, so it’s best this way.

This post was intended to relay to you my rest in the past few days and thanksgiving to God Almighty for giving me the opportunity to reflect and understand his kindness to me amidst all. I wish you all a very swell ending to 2009 and a very happy and prosperous brand new 2010, even as your souls propereth.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Your 2cents For My 92million

Take note, the question doesn’t say ‘what would you LIKE TO do”


With or without much ado, what are the first 5 things you would do if you won GBP92m as in, Ninety-Two Million Pounds (£92,000,000)?


The thought makes we wanna just cum so feel free to clog my blog with your myriad of confusion too.

Will you fight the urge to slap your boss or his secretary?

Will you let the road rage hit the roof & ram into that bastard parked in the centre of the road?

Will you take off all your clothes & run outside?

Will you finally throw that party just to find out what Ace of Spades tastes like?

Would you give 10% in tithe to your local church?