Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A Rant For March

I've got nothing to say here; just decided to drop one before April...

I've been having a horrible time at work...maybe they should retitle my job description to The Ultimate Finisher...I am the one who has been saddled with vetting & giving go ahead to my boss for jobs some of my inefficient colleagues started, its frustrating they come to explain to me like I should overlook their excesses...see me see motorcycle oh, na Baroque now dey put sand sand in their garri

*shakes head*

In the spirit of saving costs, I think I would spend far less time & less on petrol if I had a cash machine at my house...I cannot recount the number of times I visited the ATM machine, its high time they consider fitting one on my wall...

I met someone & after a few hours she described me as cool; I believe her, especially because I did nothing to gain the title...I think she's cool too

...over the past month, I have spent a minimum of 30minutes in the loo right after I get back from; this is one of those moments...


The taxi drivers in Port Harcourt (& bus drivers too) should all be lined up & shot...I can't explain that bit further...they are the worst nuisances ever, its unbelieveable...Today, they say, ends the reign of Keke NAPEP in Port Harcourt...Praise be to Almighty God

I used to be afraid of horses because I didn't like the way they looked at, no matter how strong they may be, I don't agree to them being whipped for nothing (yes, you, you know yourself)...Poor creatures...they should be left alone to grow their manes & eat green grass


My back is hurting here, from yesterday's workout
So I leave y'all now & run along

*inhales deeply*

Have yourselves a graceful Easter weekend

Jesus is Risen
Peace out