Thursday, 25 February 2010

A – Z from me, thanks to YOU

Many many thanks to all those that took the time out to drop their ONE WORDS, especially the bloggers that have actually stopped blogging, e.g. Jaja, Hengish.etc…I deeply appreciate the gesture…so here goes

Apodysophilia, *singing* “It’s getting hot in here…”

Beaches; Political correct spelling for female canines

Corny = Copy & Paste

Destiny; If there really is, then why do we even bother?

Exciting = This Aso Rock drama

Fabulous; Definitely not Beyonce *hisses*

Gator boots really go with Gucci suits, pimped out or not

Horny, and sadly I can’t blame it on the alcohol

Insecure; thus the lock code on my phones

Joker; Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua

Kissed, hope not by Katy Perry

Loner; you bloody hermit

Morbid; Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua

Nobody at the helm of affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Opportunist, No time wasters

Philistine; Big for nothing! It took only one pebble & a slingshot *hisses*

Quantum; Back that thing up to me anytime

Resilience; The virtue of Nigerians

Soliloquy; Me, myself & I, we speak in monologues

Timid; Goodluck Jonathan’s seeming demeanour

Universe, simply out of this world

Venire; Inapplicable to our judiciary

Waka-waka, …but I can only be at one place at a time

Xenophobia; God save us, come FIFA2010 WorldCup

Yes, Unlike No, no dey tear shirt

Zeal; Such outlandish enthusiastic diligence

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Another A - Z for you

This time again, I need twenty six (26) of YOU, to say ONE WORD each, starting from the letter A & going in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, with words that you may want as sub-themes. It is one word per alphabet PLEASE. Say no more after your ONE WORD & I mean NOMORE.

It may be any word, WHATEVER COMES TO MIND (simple or compound words) and I will reply your EVERYWORDS, perhaps referring to me.

The only rules that apply are that the comments must be in alphabetical order, the FIRST ONE being a word that begins with the letter ‘A’, such that the 8th comment is a word that begins with the letter ‘H’ & the 17th, ‘Q’. People, you know what I mean.

Hoping I can get up to twenty-six (26) comments, I would rather ONE WORD/COMMENT per person. In cases of MISTAKES, NON-COMPLIANCE or REPETITIONS, the less preferred one would be DELETED, possibly giving the 'COMMENTOR' another spot.

All rights to DISALLOW comments are reserved.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fevrier XIV

The original thought was that there was something anonymous about the exchange of gifts on the fourteenth of February. I have always had absurd experiences on that particular day in the past thus I stopped ‘celebrating’ it. I no longer fancy the legendary lovers’ day. Unpredictably, I got a perfume from the SO, and I reciprocated not.

I spent practically the entire day indoors behind my television, with several glasses of some designer drinks. The evening found me at a classy hotel restaurant settling for something not worth the price, after scrolling the flimsy menu aimlessly for twenty minutes. Just for the joy of it, I thought of not going back home that night, alas Monday morning was looming.

It was remarkable that the entire streets were crawling with people in pairs looking for a corner to get their love groove on. It became apparent to me that a lot more people than I had ever imagined had a stronger sense of the valentine revelry. It was an astonishing carnival out there.

Nevertheless, I still assert that love is overrated and tops the chart as the most misunderstood word in the English language. May we someday, find the balance and keep our heads on our heads.

Happy postponed Valentine to all the beautiful minds on blogsville… (To the women only)