Friday, 21 January 2011

I Love Sexy Women

I love sexy women

She gives you constant butterflies

And you are sure exactly why

I love sexy women as they look invigorating

Her luscious looking breasts and healthily swaying buttocks;

Irrespective of size, but sexy enough to trigger motion

I love sexy women who know that they are sexy

She carried her sexy body about gloriously

With her womanness screaming to be loved in the flesh

I love sexy women that don’t know all they want

But she is sure she wants me, for one

To reach into the essence of her womanity

I love sex with sexy women

The warmth she exudes and the mutual lust we share

Preceding the agreement of fluids in blissful bargain

I love sexy women that can make you arrive

Leave you up standing, and ready for more

Enough of her, you know you can never have

I love sexy women that inspire you

Your almost desperate want for her grabs you a pen

And makes you shamelessly scribble your lust in manuscript