Tuesday, 29 January 2008

PHONE IV - contd

Tryst II

She crossed her legs as she sat on one of the two seats in my room, and then rummaged through her bag for a moment or two before emerging with some chewing gum and offered me one. Rising to her feet and telling me for the umpteenth time how hot it was in Nigeria, she took her jacket off revealing the rest of the bottle green tube top she had on, and the source of the heaving cleavage. Sitting on the bed, I stretch leaning on the headboard a few feet away smiling as my heart missed a beat or two from seeing her full figure.

“You’re not always like this, are you? Very nice and warm” she asked smiling
“Hmmm, warm! I say no more, you are yet to find out” I tell her, flashing my legendary not guilty look.

I loved the way her eyes turned into two horizontal furry slits whenever she laughed, showing off a set of impeccably white teeth. Her dentition that seemed like a set from a cosmetic dentist’s catalogue was covered with full very African looking lips. My mouth watered for the taste of it.

She had a rich laughter and seemed to be in a merry mood, laughing at almost everything I said, she had earlier said something about loving my sense of humour and finding me very amusing. If she was just flirting whenever she passed me a compliment was not for me to determine, I was loving the attention. Gradually, our conversation crept into more sensual issues and I tried very hard to be civil all along.

There was something about this girl that brought the butterflies. I had this urge to lunge at her, take all her clothes off in a hurry and do to her as I pleased. We then went into how it was nice meeting each other and then she confirmed the original outing for the next day, Friday. I suggested that we would go listen to some real good live music somewhere at the big mall on Lekki Expressway and promised it was going to be exciting. But not as exciting as what followed in the next few moments.

She sat up in the chair and held my head as I crawled up to her on my knees and positioned my kneeling self in-between her legs. As her soft wet lips merged with mine, my blood flow split in two ways, one rushed into my heart and the other into my pants causing an instant rock hard erection. Her tongue tasted better than I thought it would, searching the insides of her mouth obsessively. She smelt good even as she tenderly sucked my lower lip and I gently nibbled on her upper lip. I ran my hands down her waistline holding her firmly feeling her curves, and then running it back up under her top. The smoothness of her skin sent my rockets to the sky. It had been ages since I felt such heat from a stranger.

The excitement increasingly becoming unbearable, I start to rise to my feet. With her legs wrapped around my waist I lift her from the chair and balance us on my feet. As much Kama Sutra as I knew, I stand with us in the position for a bit longer kissing away at the tenderness of her neck just before I undo her bra strap with my left hand. I feel her full hardened breasts break free from the stronghold then I lay her lightly on the bed.

Pulling her vest upwards towards her breasts with my teeth, I kiss away at her belly as she moans softly then she exhales rumbling as I lick her navel. I think I heard her say ‘stop’ before she let out a big guttural sound as I ran my lips millimetres away from her erect nipple as I licked the hardness of the smooth skin of her left breast. A pleasant smell caught my attention as I moved to her right breast, all along dodging the nipple. She attempted to catch my head and place it on her nipple but I held her arms back to the sides on her head making her assume the ‘I surrender’ position.

As I bruised her nipple with my lower lip, I let the warm air from my mouth grace it and it crinkled still. It tasted hard and that felt good. She let out a muffled groan of relief as I sucked on it gently. She responded more as I sucked harder and moved to the other breast. I loved the way she was reaching for me and grabbing my head. I moved away from her reach and went down towards her belly button again. I bite her side just by her waist making her twist and moaning loudly.

She suddenly sits upright catching my hands as I unzipped her trousers.
“Please stop” she begged
“Let’s jump in the bath. Warm or cold whichever way you want it” I say not wanting to leave this scene half done
Wittily she retorted “I’m not sure both of us can fit in it, and I think someone is at the door”
“At this time? I’m not getting it, let the person go home”. Then I hear my name and distressed rapping on the door. Seeing Eve through the peephole looking like she was not in the mood to be turned away caught me off guard and I started going limp.

I opened the door for her after we had hurriedly rearranged our clothes and Nma had sat and crossed her legs back on the seat. She told me she was not happy and needed to talk to and be with someone and that was why she was in my room. Clad in a loose t-shirt, joggers and slippers, she tried to lose the gloomy look when I introduced both of them, then she gave Nma a hug before sitting on the bed.

At the time Nma stood up to leave. We started kissing again and said goodbye in the parking lot just before the hotel taxi drove off. I watched them drive away and I went back upstairs.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Phone IV – Tryst

Tryst I

She’s not half bad, this colleague of mine, professionally speaking, that is. Eve had just made a presentation at the meeting and she was fantastic. I had no idea why I was feeling the way I was but she sure made me swell with pride, then I started seeing her in that light again, my mind was going places. It didn’t quite feel appropriate so I dropped it. I am of the opinion that Eve is the most attractive woman in my office. On our way to the hotel she told she was going out to have dinner with this guy whom she was in a situation with, (the way she put it), with whom she had issues to clear.

Up in my room on the 6th floor, I pick up my cell phone to call Nma when I see the text message.

‘Baroque, call me when you’re done I’m on the island, lets hook up, Nma’

I phone her right away and we agree to meet in about an hour and a half minutes at a bar in the cinema building not very far away from my hotel. I get there on time, a little after dusk, loud music playing. Still freshly smelling of my new fragrance, I look for a nice corner and hide myself so I would see her once she walks in. I order a small bottle of Guinness Extra Stout and start scouting anxiously. I was on the lookout for a not so very dark skinned, taller than the average Nigerian woman, with distinctly wide hips.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket; instinctively I let it ring till it cuts. I bring out the phone later and see a missed call from Nma, then I quickly sent a text message to Eve, asking how her evening was going.

Finishing my drink, I stand to make across the room when someone taps me lightly and says, “Hello, Mr. B”, startled, I spin around and see this not so very dark skinned, taller than the average Nigerian woman grinning at me. “My name is Nma” she says smiling from ear to ear, I open wide for a hug instead. After I disengage from this very big, warm and full breasted embrace, I look at the other end of the room and in wonder I say.

“How did you know I was the one? The phone?” I enquired smiling like I had just won a lottery
“The chance I had to take. I’ve been watching you since you entered here. It just had to be you”
“You’ve been watching me? And I was feeling very smart, thinking I’d find you first. I thought you were that girl, the one in the dark top” I replied, nodding in the direction of a girl I thought was Nma.
“Don’t tell me you were gonna walk up to their table. You almost fooled me though, I called but you didn’t even reach for your phone” she said
“Well, you never really can be sure. The chance I had to take too” I retorted cheekily ogling back at her cleavage as it stared me rudely in the face. ‘Nice breasts’ I thought to myself

“Instinctively I knew it was you the moment you brought out your phone and sent that high speed text message” sounding like she had just debunked a mystery. We laugh hilariously about how I had successfully peeled the number pad with my reckless speed text typing skill.

She had a blue denim jacket on a green camisole over a pair of sky blue jeans that held fast unto her shapely figure. Her slim waist projected her hips making her look like a mermaid, then I noticed her flat tummy. However, I couldn’t wait to run my hands over her sides down past her hips and through the underside of her backside up to the base of her spine up to her nape, my ever roving mind had begun its expedition.

I take one quick look at her, digesting her full womanly frame in one swoop, valuing what I see, I smile, give her a firm handshake and say, “So pleased to meet you, Nma. And pardon my saying; you no try for the description at all” I tell her

“Why? Did I do a bad job?” she asked curiously
“Dreadful job, you properly under described yourself” I said smiling
“As in?” she asked like she was blushing
“I like what I see and I say no more, at least for now” I say conclusively.
“Ok, let’s go grab dinner. I didn’t have lunch and I’m starving” she suggested speaking both our minds.

She wanted to eat something local so we took a drive to this nice quiet restaurant somewhere on the island where I had white rice and goat meat pepper soup, she had ‘ofada’ rice and dried fish. I found her modest, quite unpretentious and I liked it. We had a very lively enlightening conversation, getting to know ourselves better. I couldn’t hold the official driver till after 9pm so I asked if we could return to my hotel so he could take the car back to the office and get home.

Another List

...was tagged by Tyger and sorrowfully couldn’t post it before the end of last year

Accent: Purposefully English, Ingeniously Naija and then functionally grammatical
Booze: Vodka and Campari…some Sprite
Chores I Hate: Washing and ironing clothes
Dogs/Cats: I’ll pass on the pussy
Essential Electronics: my 14” notebook…if a laptop counts as electronics
Favourite Perfume: Python by Trussadi, Pleasures for Men by Estee Lauder
: I prefer the precious yellow metal, Au

: the other real oil city in Rivers State
: Never lose sleep and love it
Job title
: right now, Estate Maintenance Engineer
Kids: To the best of my knowledge, None
Living arrangements: 2 bed flat, all by myself…right now, a hotel
Most admired trait: Diastema
Number of sexual partners: I really do not know, but unquestionably too many
Overnight hospital stays: Never, and I pray it stays that way
Phobia: formally Heights & Enclosed Spaces but now, most likely of what lies beneath deep waters
Quote: “instead of trouble, make rain fall”
Religion: Christianity
Siblings: Four (4) others
Time I usually awake: Varies, depending on the day’s activities
Unusual talent: Organising
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Garlic (is it really a veg)
Worst habit: Over planning and analysing
X-rays: bet you can see right through me
Yummy foods I make: potato pottage with kidney beans, mince meat in vegetable sauce
Zodiac sign: Scorpio (yea, very sexy)

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