Friday, 22 August 2008

Closed Chapter

It has been quite a challenge for me to get back where I was with you
Your attitude triggered me to loose patience and it is all gone now
I solicit within, pondering if you really knew what it was I felt for you
The actuality that it was not reciprocal cannot be over-emphasized

I was open with my thoughts and feelings and it only caused me hurt
I allowed it because there is no self-defence when it comes to love
You broke me; you made me feel like shit, utterly wasted
I could not concentrate on anything anymore besides loosing weight

I keep asking myself what went wrong. Was it me, was it you or us both?
Was I too much in a hurry? Maybe I rushed you
Maybe you really did not want me but was only giving it a chance
But that chance I never got because you only had to be understood

You never believed in the success of this association
It could not be me because you alone decided I was not good enough for you
Maybe not prim or proper enough to want to join the upper class struggle
I could not give you the value of love you wanted, least of all, la vie

Maybe I cut your air supply and you thus snuffed out your ability to call for space
I was in your face with insinuations of nuptials and it was too much for you
You were wrong in many more ways than I am willing to say
Let it not be my pride speaking, so I accept my faults and retain my sanity

I was in love with you and it was all about you, I forgot about me
But now I have picked myself up and I am stronger

Yours is a chapter I have closed and shall endeavour to not remember