Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Ke Nako

For the love of this beautiful game, a Sabbath morning, 12 days ago, I woke up in a cold town in north South Africa, p.k.a. J'borg. I was not going to be an absentee at the games that had been brought to my backyard. Let's not tell the story about how my boss almost refused to give me days off. Well, he eventually did after more than enough coaxing. I hopped on a plane & left with my homie Omo.

The FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010™ games were great, despite the more frequently occurring questionable officiating, whether seen in the brand new world class stadiums or at the heavily crowded Fan Fest locations. Durban was not half as cold as Johannesburg had a lot to offer but sadly it was injury time & we had to call it a day.

Don’t you just love football? One of the few opportunities for you to see grown ass men chase after each other for a rubber ball. In this case, called the Jabulani.

And for the unwinding, as we may wish to call it, we hit the streets & found some mad aboriginal house music. The clubs were jumping to & so was Soweto. Now it was a major fan fest, partying with fans from the far away USA and some locals.

As an incredible night crawler, bedtime never happened before 4am. Uncle Jack was a good friend, just a little coke & no ice. Even the radio stations made it worth my while. The DJs were hot. It was quite a listening experience that was second to none for the moment.

After a very long time, it gave me mad thrills to sing the Nigerian national anthem alas, I am still perplexed what Yakubu Aiyegbeni was doing on the Super Eagles line up in the first place.

Well, despite all would be disappointments, new friends were made, some will be kept, others will be lost, intentionally or not, some unfinished businesses will be completed and others will be terminated. It was time & money well spent

Come FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™



Thursday, 3 June 2010

Melancholic Blues ;-(

It's been a while since I felt my usual exuberance.

I do not know the cause of this but I know that I am not happy.

This man is bereft of all enthusiasm, happy high spirits & vitality

I have not been on cloud nine in a very long time.

Happiness is a choice, so even when I decide to do something that elates me, it is ephemeral.

There are a few things that are weighing on me & eating me up slowly.

Some I can lay a finger (or fingers) on.

Some I am not even allowed to think.

Home, work and everything in between.

I can’t give any details right now.

Pardon me everyone; I had said I would stop my tirades on blogsville.

I hope you all are in good health.

Have a nice time & stay in your high spirits.