Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Whateva Men

Pardon my saying, but women can just all be the same, in a manner of speaking. If I tell you that truthfully, as I speak, I can stay faithful to that one woman, I tell a lie.

Let it not be said however that I am embracing evil, no I am not, I am only facing my reality, as it may seem. The best I can say that I will stick my head out and try not to cheat.

I wish I felt differently but I don’t. I might, when I have the time to, tell you all about this, but I earnestly doubt if that will ever happen. Most likely, tomorrow I will feel different but this is how I feel today.

By the way, my birthday comes up soon; (yes, I’m a real Scorpio, unlike Queen, my blog crush) I should be back in naija then, hopefully. And I’m gonna be doing lots of champagne with close friends. Guys only.

Cheers everyone

Sunday, 5 October 2008

No Title Here

Phone rings, playing the familiar ring tone. I answer smiling. It was Omo, my friend, from
Fall In, Walk Out of Love, who got married in April.

Baroque: Ol boy how far?
Omo: I dey oh, you dey work abi?
Baroque: How I go do na? na office I dey
Omo: Guy, I dey house. I just receive bad news

Without any real worries, I ask

Baroque: Wetin happen?
Omo: Tenny is dead!
Baroque: Eh?
Omo: Atubaby brother, Tenny don die!
Baroque: Eh?
Omo: Ol boy, me sef I tire
Baroque: Eh? Abeg, which kind rubbish talk be that?
Omo: Asthma attack
Baroque: Asthma attack? In this 2008?
Omo: Something about say them give am overdose or say na wrong medicine them give am when the thing being don pass wetin inhaler for do
Baroque: Overdose? of wetin?
Omo: Me, I no know oh
Baroque: I never understand oh. Tenny wey just get work for
Mobil, wey we suppose drink for Eket, say him don die?
Omo: My brother, na so we see am oh. Atubaby say e get as her body dey do her
Baroque: Abeg, make she relax! How her body dey do her?
Omo: She say, why them go call me to tell me say her brother dey sick. Why them no call her?...She dey sleep right now sha

Atubaby is Omo’s very lovely wife who is 7 months pregnant.
Feeling very surprised and upset now, I ask out loud

Baroque: Which kind wahala be this na? YOU MEAN SAY SHE NO KNOW?
Omo: My brother, Nta dey here sef. We no know where to put leg.

Nta is another close mutual friend, in whose house Omo is staying while he’s place is being prepared. Heaving and exhaling deeply I mutter

Baroque: Make una see trouble oh
Omo: I just spoke with Showboy, he says I should come over so we can make arrangements & bury him next weekend

Showboy is Tenny's immediate younger brother just before Atubaby.

Realizing they we were already considering dumping his body in the ground and covering it up. I ask with some real hope

Baroque: Guy, wait oh, ARE THEY SURE? Them sure say him don die?
Omo: Na the same question I ask oh
Baroque: Make them check whether him just faint or na coma him dey. Make them try wake am oh, make e no be mistake

We both laughed

Omo: Well, my brother, make I dey here dey think my life. As I don spoil your morning so, make I leave you. Make you follow me see as the thing be
Baroque: I go call you later na, I don weak. Anyway, I need to submit one technical bill to my boss now now for operations meeting. The man dey give me heat
Omo: Guy, later

Call Ended

Please how do you tell your 7 months pregnant wife that her elder brother, one she’s close to, is dead?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st October 1960...& beyond

As we commemorate with the fatherland (abi na motherland?), we pray to & beseech Almighty GOD for

Ethical Dealings
National Reformation
Resource Management Skills
Debt Free Living
Educational Superiority
Cultural Blessings
Financial Authenticity
Technological Advancement
& Self Sustenance

…Peace, Love and Progress for our Beloved NAAAIIIIIJJAAH

48 GBOZAS for our Great NIGERIA!!!