Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Eko Diaries

Yesterday 1655hrs

This time it was from the one they call the Garden City Airport, the one where the almighty crash proof Dash 80 planes leave from. It was quite an unusually smooth flight into the commercial nerve centre of the motherland. How glorious it was driving into this island and have that heavy traffic jam on the other side of the road, at least until I was on the highway that goes beyond the Peninsula.

Today, few minutes after 0607hrs

We are stuck in light traffic, had light breakfast at some the Republic for fowl and then unto some business.

About 0828hrs

Enquiries and some not so long but careful consideration. Some queen’s English ensued and numbers changed hands, some even confidential.

Round one was over 30mins before 1000hours. It was a 35 – 65 balance and a rematch was scheduled.

Live in LasGidiz, motorless

Traffic was growing and I had to be at another location. My driver was gone & busy elsewhere. I know my way around these parts and where to stand. I run across the gray & white Giraffe Crossing avoiding that bastard that drove like the car was stolen. On the other side now, what I feared the most was about to happen to me. I was faced with the very deadly, most talked about situation in the city. My biggest dilemma yet for the year 2009.

Helmet or No Helmet?

Baroque was on the sidewalk looking as confused as ever. A bike had stopped in front of me, by the slow moving traffic. Then I saw it, a purple cheap looking crash helmet on his handle bars, for me to wear. Oh No, GOD please!

“Well, no one knows me in this town” I said to myself

Then the million dollar question again,”Helmet or No Helmet”

Helmet or No Helmet? No Helmet or LASMA? LASMA or Ring Worm?

“TAXI” I called out “Ahmadu Bello Way”

“One thousand naira” he replied seemingly unwilling

I was already in the front seat


Settled down to do some work then was on the phone, dialoguing with Eko. A late lunch in view. I went back to work. After failed attempts to achieve my new targets, I Ctrl-N my word page and start typing…

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Before she arrived that evening again to spend yet another night, she had bugged the living shit out of me, calling my phone at least once every hour. I knew no peace since I met this girl. She was gradually creeping under my skin, such that I felt freer when we were together. She told me repeatedly how she liked me and how happy she was that she met me. She was the new girlfriend I did not realise I had. However, she must have noticed I was not especially buttering myself up to the whole mushiness and was distant.

She then asked, "Am I coming on too strong?",

and I replied, "Are you coming on at all?". I tried to be nice but it was beyond me.

A short extract from the story pRevieW came from.