Thursday, 28 June 2007

Do Me Please?!

...please do me

please let me touch your breasts,
why won’t you let me cup your breast?
i promise, i won’t squeeze too hard

let me scintillate your nipples
geez, those nipples; such solidity
i promise, only tenderly shall i lick

i can almost hear the drippy sound
from the essence of your womanness
as you move your thighs; such wetness

rock hard and solid have i become
swimmers dampen the tip of my shaft
veins sprouting like aerial roots

let me make you feel like a woman
do to you what you can never tell
make you cum, screaming & biting my arms

just this one chance
i promise, to make it last forever

too much blood has left my brain

i must not be thinking straight



Ubong Da said...

Are u an erotic poet?

Tyger said...

this is your first post and it is cool....
more of this please

@ubong da
are you looking for a partner in crime.... off to your blog now... sushi king!

Jaja said...

Welcome to bloggville man!

too sensual...

Baroque said...

@ubong da
erotic poet? maybe just a bit too in it...

will see what i can do...thanks

thanks... as sensual as you like it

Porter deHarqourt said...

heavy stuff that we can all relate to...we say it in our minds and with our eyes..all the time, and some of it gets lost in the space between us and the object of our affection.

i dey feel you...welcome my brother...welcome!

kokolette said...

hmmmm...serious stuvvs

Baroque said...

@kokolette, STUVVS? very serious STUVVS my dear, u like it?

Idemili said...

Hahahah! Why did I not see this? Too funny. Asewo, trying to corrupt all the women on blogville, abi? Cool poem man.

Baroque said...

@ide, corrupt??? you that has finished me with all your wet & juicy episodes with DMX, take time oh...anywayz thanks

femme said...

another bad bad boy!!

thank god you dont have a lot of posts cos i had to read every word.

femme said...

but chei! see muscle.

Baroque said...

@femme, thanks babe. me bad? i'll go read everything on your blog & see if you're a good girl...

cally-waffybabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyger said...

looking at it again... that girl in the drawing looks like cant remember any guy that looked like that though...wouldnt have let him go now would i?

miz-cynic said...

i no need to dey read this boyf and i dont do casual

Miss Natural said...

Wow! this is hot...and very well written.