Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Part V - Post Rendezvous

(just in case you missed it, you might want to read all preceding episodes first)

We had left Eve back in my room and by the time I got back she was peacefully asleep, her eyes looked puffy as they were shut. I thought I saw tears. If she was not feeling well and wanted to spend the night in my room, I had no problems absolutely with it. Before I snuck into the bathroom and took a pleasant warm shower, I sent a text to Nma telling her how nice the time was that I spent with her and that I was looking forward to the morrow. She said she did too and was almost home.

In a foetal position, she looked like she was cold and needed comfort so I pulled the duvet over her and then went ahead to sort my stuff out for my meetings and presentation the next morning after which I turned the lights off and slid quietly into bed. I would normally sleep face down on my belly but I lay on my right side backing Eve then sent one more text message, this time to my mother telling her I was in Lagos, reassuring her I was okay. I pull my end of the duvet over gently so I would not awaken my novel bedmate before I let myself drift into restful sleep.

Unsure of how long I had slept for or what time it was, I progressively regained consciousness to a pull on my arm over her side with Eve inching into me with her backside to my groin in a spooning position. I did not even know I was facing the other way. I was now wide awake realising that I had a full grown woman in my bed and was quite uncertain if I should let her know I was now wide awake. Something did not quite feel right about it although I was sure it was something I could walk through.

I then remembered that she had earlier said that she was in need of counsel and seemed quite low-spirited. I did not want to think that this was one of those P&T games women play.

This was a woman I had repeatedly denied myself of seeing as sexually appealing and it did not help matters when I found out that she no longer had the pair of joggers on. I could feel the bare skin of the back of her thighs as I stretched to full consciousness. I tactfully tucked my dick in between my legs to prevent it from prodding her if it got stiff. I asked if she was alright and she murmured something inaudible then relaxed into me as I pushed my arm all the way around her belly. I whisper telling her that she would be ok, trying to take my mind off the possible leadings of my current position before the core of my masculinity would take charge and then I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I had a not so restful night after all because she woke me up every time she turned in her sleep and especially when she buried her face in my chest, thank goodness I had a shirt on; I would not bear to feel her breath on my bare chest. In the morning, I had a monster erection; thankfully, she had curled up on her own facing the other direction. Although it happened most mornings, I was not sure this morning’s hardness was unconnected to the woman in my bed.

It was not yet morning when I got up and walked towards the bathroom, backing the bed, shielding the protrusion in my boxer shorts. I emerged from the bathroom after a long piss and the wait to lose the erection to find Eve wide awake with the lights on; I came in and sat by her side.

Stroking her hair I asked, “Are you alright? I hope you slept well?”

“Yes, I did” she replied, now sitting up, holding my hand and squeezing gently, she said “Thank you”

“For?” I asked

“For being there for me when I needed someone and especially when I needed comforting arms around me”

Embarrassed, I say “What can you do without me, you owe me your life” grinning

“You can have me then” she said smiling spreading her arms wide apart

“Ok, don’t let’s go there. Trouble no good” I say rising from the bed imagining how I would love to do just that.

“Really, thank you very much. You’re such a big brother” she said again

I said heartily, “Eheh! Big Brother Africa! You'll be alright.

Then she starts, “I wasn’t thinking. I couldn’t. I felt like shit. I just wanted to cry my eyes out but I guess I was too tired to cry, I slept off when you walked your friend downstairs. Very fine girl you know” she stopped talking like she thinking about something. “You guys have something? By the way, I’m sorry if I interrupted anything last night, at that time I couldn’t be bothered. You guys look good together though. And you’ve got a presentation to make this morning. And I’m talking too much?” she concluded

“I’m listening to you my dear, talk to me” trying to take my mind off the woman in my bed that tormented my last night, I had to encourage her to talk despite how I wanted to jump back in bed and crash for about forty-five minutes to an hour. My meeting was not till 10:30 that morning so I had over 4 hours to play with.

As she poured out her heart to me, I moved to sit on one of the chairs and saw her joggers lying lazily on it, then realised all she had on was the t-short I could see and maybe underpants, my roving mind began yet another journey. I remembered the brush of her thighs against mine and wondered what it would feel like to touch. I sat down and swung my legs over one arm of the chair in order not to publicly display my privates.

She told me how she had just ended an almost 2 year long relationship because her partner had stopped being the pleasant fellow he had always being. She complained about a certain coldness that he exuded and how she thought she deserved to be treated a lot nicer than he did her. She suspected another woman and was not going to fight with anyone especially for a man she was no longer sure had her best interest at heart and whom she claimed had taken advantage of her eagerness to love. She told him how she felt about everything and it had hurt her really bad because he had just sat there and said nothing even as she walked away into the hotel. The least I could say was that shit happened every day, I advised she took things easy that it would pass then I asked what she would do if he came back with all the reasons in this world asking for her forgiveness. She thought for a bit then said something I did not quite hear because at that time she drew the bedcovers off slowly revealing her half naked self; pulling the tee over her lower body she got up from the bed.

It happened again, my heart missed two beats. Embarrassed, I did not know whether to look away or just be. I had seen her in very tight skirts before but refused to go further with the thought, she was shaped like a Coke bottle. I ogled as the curves made their way all the way from her full brown legs under her top, sexily bow from the knees, she walked towards the bathroom; her t-shirt did not cover the entirety of her behind. The sight of her buttocks restrained by bright red knickers caused a fluttering sensation in my stomach and a rush of blood. I shook my head and stretched to reorient my immediate being. This definitely could be injurious for the both of us.

The next few minutes found me deep in thought; questioning what the game was that she played thinking I was irresponsive to such seductive performances. Eve must have something else coming if she thinks she’s going to get away scot-free. I can’t be doling out pity, lending her my heart and she giving me a ‘hard’ time (pun intended)

In order to avert a reoccurrence of that embarrassing moment, I got up and decide to occupy myself with the contents of my briefcase awaiting her emergence from the bathroom.

In my mind; she was standing by the bathroom door, leaning on one leg, giving me the eye making sure I notice her young breasts with erect nipples straining through the tee which now hung loosely on one hip showing off the side of her well rounded hips. She starts walking towards me with an intent I couldn’t wait to uncover, I turn to face her in the chair moving outwards as she approached only to have her bestride my right leg sitting on my knee. I exhale totally when I feel the warmth moistness from in between her legs. I grab her behind with both hands and then pull her closer as she reaches past and without warning swallows up my left ear lobe making me shudder with thrill just before she whispers the words, “I’m so horny and I want you right now”. My mind went on and so forth.

“You’re alright?” I asked without looking as I hear her coming out of the bathroom.

“I’m alright…” she said as she moved into the room now seemingly conscious of her half naked state although I pretended to be engaged with something inside by attaché case ”…just a whole lot of stuff going on in my head” she finished.

“Call for a cup of coffee” I told her

“It’s a little too early, let me get to my room and relax a bit. Time dey, I fit even sleep small. Baroque, thanks for your kindness” she replied as she fitted her lower body into the joggers and straightened her hair.

“You’re welcome my dear. Be ready by 8:30 so we go downstairs for breakfast, ok?” I instructed just before she leaves and I jump in bed and snooze for about an hour.


desperate lady said...

1ssstttttt. oya come give me a kiss sharp sharp.

bumight said...

move over dl jo! pshew!

Baroque said...

@desperate, i wanna do more than sharp sharp know what i mean!

@bumight, u too dey stalk me? i love you too & i'm yet to explore your blog, i think i like what i see...gimme a day or 2 babes

desperate lady said...

lol bumight i shall not be moved.

@Baroque- i know wut u mean babe but we have to start from somewhere which is kissing ur earlobe n whispering "i'm so horny and i want you right now" *coughs* k i need to get myself together *coughs.

"u tactfully tucked ur dick in btw ur legs......k pardon me but i have to ask, how long is ur dick?......damn!
K so who's ma competition? Eve, Nma or Cally? i need to know who i'm up against.

lol did u really snooze for an hour? i'm thinking u wanked for 15mins.

Hengish said...

Finally !

Is it me or is it very difficult for men and women to be friends?

As I recall from your previous posts she is a friend seeking comfort in the shoulders of another.

Why did she remove her joggers.

I think she wanted to sleep with you or atleast plant the idea in your head.

Baroque said...

@desperate, anywhere or any place you wanna start from...i'm game...i fear you oh, it doesn't have to be like Lexington Steele's for it to be tucked...LOL...forget about the competition, can you deliver?...yea, i snoozed for about an hour...not into self gratification...those days are long gone...

@Hengish, finally & women can be friends; we had only started getting closer that was why i respected myself...she probably wanted to feel free irrespective of her bedmate...anyway, idea time she shall not go scot-free

Hengish said...

It didn't take you long to reply.

If you do something about her flirting wouldn't that lead to something else.

What about Nma?

Well for what its worth, I think she likes you.

Baroque and Eve sitting on a tree.

K I S S I N G !

First comes the fingering!

Next comes the sucking!

Then comes the stifler in that wet wet pussy.

It would sound better if I got Beyonce to sing it out loud.

I am bored.

bumight said...

awww, such a 'gentleman', lol! I think she was open to the idea that anything could've happened during the night. call it being vulnerable or whatever!
Alright, u have urself 48 hrs mister?

PS: me? stalker? puhlease! I prefer "loyal reader", lol!

cally-waffybabe said...

We are soooooo over!!! *fuming*

cally-waffybabe said...

lmao. mehn she wanted you to screw her big time. she's lucky you decided to be a gentleman. haba what a cocktease!!! brother brother idibi tut!!! (tell your calabar pals to translate that) lol.

Isi said...

B, u are being a gentleman at a very wrong time. who told you she needed counselling? eh?!

Baroque said...

@Hengish...atink una dey see song wey this babe dey sing for me?...i dont want to think she likes me, she cant afford to, i'm almost like her boss...but the fingering, sucking and licking...i no mind at all

@bumighty, my loyal reader...i didnt want to think she was open to that know how u women can would have still passed as me taken advantage of her

@CWB, how can it be over...we only started b4 u ran off...& was willing to lend me to desperate...LOL...u think i no know?...meanwhile idibi tut backatcha, i know what it means, na so your own dey do you too...holla me privately *wink

@isi love, she said she you really think i was acting unnecessarily gentlemanly?...if we gbenshed, you guys would have been the 1st to spread my shit all over blogsville...anyway, next time dey come

Idemili said...

She knew what she was doing sha.


desperate lady said...

CWB should holla @ u privately? Ok derz no hope 4 me. Cally come take ur man back ooooooooooo b4 I die of heart break.
N I was soooo in love *sighs*
Baroque u broke ma heart, u destroyed ma soul n u quenched ma spirit.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

baroque you dont like the idea of masturbation? just curious :)

cally-waffybabe said...

lol don't mind that dl. i only gave her your url to check your blog out and before i knew it, she had snatched you with expert desperation! and to make matters worse, she went and lost her virginity after i had secretly bribed her to keep it! make i catch am kai!

idibi tut back at me? lol! but i no carry bele for any brother now...abi you wan gimme bele? *wink*

Jaja said...

Bone my comment, what is going on here! DL.. Barouque...
Let me see two of you right away! sharp sharp!!

Jaja said...

bros, your market dey sell sha...

Ms. Catwalq said...

It is a lie....

and u must know that heiffer knew what the game is...u trying to tell me that Baroque Jnr did not get to perform?....u telling me that?

It is a lie joo

desperate lady said...

Babe r u alright? How was ur weekend? Dream of me?

Jaja-lol what did I do?

cally-waffybabe said...

@ dl: what have you done to your blog?! no try me o! okay you can have my hunk, baroque, if only i can have access...please let me in pleeeeze.......muah muah muahhhhhhhhhh

Lighty said...

mr 'am the ladies man dats why blogville girls and pulling out each other's hair to get to me'

am so proud of u. u did well ohh, holding it down like that with a pretty chic beside u. well done, now i like u.
am sensing this has to do with u not getting any younger, knowing the difference between what u cannot hack in the longrun and wot is worth it.
plus looks like unconsciously u are owing nma loyalty. this would be good.

in bwt... i cant even start fighting for u now with all these woman on ur case. am too weak, so i'll take my fancy somewhere else, perphaps to jaja's blog. lol!.
and to think i fancied u. *sigh* shame ayy? lol!

bumight said...

I swear, blogger ate my comment!!!
I'm waiting for ur gist by email o

kokolette said...

Baroque o, my Baroque...see as I don miss you finish!
Send me your email for

Baroque said...

@Ide, I thought she might have been

@desperate, but you were that one that went and gave your punani to one 21yr old stud abi…now u cry heartbreak, wetin me I go cry…anyway, I dreamt of you but wasn’t sure if you were the one

@zephi, no, I’m not a subscriber at all

@cwb, I for like do you things wey you no go ever forget, make you live a page of ide’s blog…and go & open you own blog, ney dey use my own as post office...muah

@jaja, you get show for me?

@catwalq, no show for Jr oh, the guy sef need to rest

@lighty, you’ve got a special place in my heart, whichever way you think its gonna go. Don’t give up, there’s a miracle on your way…xo

@bumight, I’ll see about it

@kokolette, why you gon play me like that?

Baroque said...

dikoko, look again for that add

desperate lady said...

Boo wuts ur email addy?

Isi said...

B! where's the update now?!
u wanted to do the 'Never...Never..' remember?

update pls!

Baroque said...

@desperate, i was gonna enable the email thingee to show but couldnt find it anywhere...gimme a sec

@Isi, i was gonna do the Never, Never post but i couldnt find anything i have never done...forgive me...i'm dropping something'd like

Miss Kiki said...

The ladies luuuurrrve you...BTW I think Eve was wanting some but you did the right thing not going there...yet :P

Jaguda said...

bros u get restraint o. nice one!

Tyger said...

she so wanted it ... was too chicken to ask for it...was hoping you would just take it... leave you to take the

good you didnt though... that once!

but next maybe not!