Friday, 4 December 2009

Your 2cents For My 92million

Take note, the question doesn’t say ‘what would you LIKE TO do”


With or without much ado, what are the first 5 things you would do if you won GBP92m as in, Ninety-Two Million Pounds (£92,000,000)?


The thought makes we wanna just cum so feel free to clog my blog with your myriad of confusion too.

Will you fight the urge to slap your boss or his secretary?

Will you let the road rage hit the roof & ram into that bastard parked in the centre of the road?

Will you take off all your clothes & run outside?

Will you finally throw that party just to find out what Ace of Spades tastes like?

Would you give 10% in tithe to your local church?


Queen of My Castle said...

I'm first!

Queen of My Castle said...

LOL. Let's see...what would I do. Hmmm, yeah...I haven't the slightest clue.

Myne Whitman said...

No ten percent to any church but 20% to several charities including the ones supported by my church. And yeah Imma throw that party, buy that house and car, set up a publishing house, run for president...I'm gettign carried away abi? LOL

ibiluv said...

first 5 things


give my mama the kinda money thats gonna make her cry

then my brother

then my other brother

go on a trip to all the places i've always wanted to go

....when i return......

mizchif said...

Yea, the thought does make me wanna cum, but what exactly i would do, i'm not quite sure.

Ok, i'd most likely drop out of sch sha. hehehehe.
Make my papa catch me.

Miss Natural said...

darn, i played euro millions today, then i saw your post, i thought it was a wasnt lol. but if it had been my favour, 10% to charities and throw parties for homeless adults, orphans, disabled and elderly!! ive always wanted to do that. lol blog about money next friday. maybe you'll be my goodluck charm lol

~Sirius~ said...

In the following order.
Tithe 10%........And

Quit work.

Invest in properties so i can use the rents as salary for the rest of my life for me and my house hold.

Seeing I will be able to afford training in one of the best fashion schools.....i will, then build my Fashion House (Faster than I can now)

Make sure My folks (and SOME extended family) never have to worry about money again.

Finally, I've always wanted an orphange/finishing home for girls, something like an academy.......I need to encourage as many as I can, that even though life seems hard, success isn't far off, if they used what's in them.


(I have it all planned

That's what happens when you have dreams.......right?

bArOquE said...

~dQOMyC, what do you mean you havent the slightest clue??? you're disappointing me oh, or is it making you cum & you cant think straight? *wink*

~MynWhtmn, run for president??? president of where? have you lost your mind? i see that you like being poor... *sighs*

~iBiluv, resign, mother, broda1, broda2 then 'your passport & you' modest of you. iLike...meanwhile, how you dey?

~mizChif, after cuming & quiting school, you will cum again, & your father wont be able to do SHIT about anything...fuck school

~MisNatural, thank God for your life; party for the homelss sha...lets see how next Friday goes

~sirius, right!; you cant go school; there's nothing making cash from doing what you love...i like your plans even if we're not sure how you intend to make your extended family not worry about money again...

NoLimit said...

Hmmmm,I will pay my tithe, donate 5% to charity,take enough out to give the needy and greedy and slash,splurge or whatever I want to call it...then fix the rest till I am normal!!!
Yes I said normal cos at the point of getting the £92m, I know I won't be normal for a after doing the normal default ish, I will fix it till my head is back from the clouds!!!

Myne Whitman said...

You were asking about how to get my book on Verastic. You can download it from this link

Queen of My Castle said...

Hmmmmm, maybe quit my job and buy a ticket to Naija (you're in PH, right) so that I may cum so hard I feel like I'm floating on air and walking on water both at the same time. *wink* LOL

bArOquE said...

~noLimit, smart move i tell you, fix the dough till you can think straight...

~MyneWhitman, i'll see to the downloading of that book asap

~QOMyC, i harden at the idea of you cumming...WOOH...the things i could do to you, minus 92m *winks back*

kmplx said...

i'd be in shock
i'd call beau, and then my fam to tell them why i am in shock.
i'd scream and then go back into shock, and then descend into a fit of giggles.
i'd walk into work and shout at bossman to fire me, so I don't have to serve the 1 month's notice - no one is suing my winnings away... you know how oyinbo do.
i'd give away 90%, and keep the rest to sustain me and my family comfortably for the rest of our lives.

Beauty Goodone said...

Hey! my first time here.

I will build an orphanage home, campaign for health care reform in naija, award scholarships to pple who can't afford their education, invest on shares and real estate.hehehehe too much for that amt.abi?

bArOquE said...

~kmplx, shock na bad thing after the shock, you gave 90% away??? you might as well remain in shock.LOL

~BeautyGood1, all these orphanages, health care reforms, scholarships, stocks, bonds & real dear £92m doesnt make you Nigerian president, its only N23b, still less than 1/3 of what Bode George stole.haha

StandTall-The Activist said...

i hope I wont be driving at the time o cuz I will use my car to jump up up and up. After calming down, I will start my own organisation straight and see how I can sponsor qualified women into electoral positions.... and yes invest a lot of this money to yield more...

bArOquE said...

~StandTall, LOL@the idea of you jumping up up & up 'with' your car...are you speaking about electoral positions in Nigeria? you must have no idea how much things cost...leave politics sweetheart & think more towards that investment part, i will profit us much more

sweetness said...

i am gonna freak out
for a whole minute just screaming!!!!!!!
then ill start dancing
then oh goodness me
i am
freaking rich!!!
big mansion
fleet of cars
travelling around the world with my boo
build a mosque in Dubai
buy half of the Marriot chain of hotels
and fund every part of the pink foundation
for cancer victims

oh my dreams!

rethots said...

....get a couple real estate deals.
....*still thinking*
...won't quit work, i simply love the job. However, will now work as luxury.

LusciousRon said...
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LusciousRon said...

I think I will cum first! I will live like a social butterfly. Have more shoes, visit every country on earth and buy my own plane! I love flying.

CaramelD said...

I will pick up my bag, leave my office go home and sleep. When I wake up if the money is still there then I will screammmmmmm! First thing......DON'T TELL A SOUL. I'm Nigerian, someone will try to kill me for sure.

I'm a silent operator. I will quietly go about making sure certain people in my life never have to worry about money ever again. Then I travel for a year....ohh bliss.

bArOquE said...

~CaramelD, not heard such rude wisdom in a while...not telling a soul. i believ you joo...
ohh bliss@...then i travel for a year *kisses*

Beauty Goodone said...

check my blog out at

ineffable said...

just found all your posts from 2007! and i think im in love! but from badderchick's blog, i realise i have to join a preety long you tho'...ok,before i gush and destroy this page with mush..

the money, the money, the money..
give my Mummy..
my siblings..
anonymous gifts to some people in my life and some others i will still encounter in my lifetime
hoard some like bury it underground!...well, it worked for the forefathers!
invest in stuff! peeps say its a good idea
travel alot, sleep in hotels around the world
calculate what is left?
buy and race really old antique classic cars
go back to living my life as before..kisses..