Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fevrier XIV

The original thought was that there was something anonymous about the exchange of gifts on the fourteenth of February. I have always had absurd experiences on that particular day in the past thus I stopped ‘celebrating’ it. I no longer fancy the legendary lovers’ day. Unpredictably, I got a perfume from the SO, and I reciprocated not.

I spent practically the entire day indoors behind my television, with several glasses of some designer drinks. The evening found me at a classy hotel restaurant settling for something not worth the price, after scrolling the flimsy menu aimlessly for twenty minutes. Just for the joy of it, I thought of not going back home that night, alas Monday morning was looming.

It was remarkable that the entire streets were crawling with people in pairs looking for a corner to get their love groove on. It became apparent to me that a lot more people than I had ever imagined had a stronger sense of the valentine revelry. It was an astonishing carnival out there.

Nevertheless, I still assert that love is overrated and tops the chart as the most misunderstood word in the English language. May we someday, find the balance and keep our heads on our heads.

Happy postponed Valentine to all the beautiful minds on blogsville… (To the women only)


CaramelD said...

LMAO@ "to the women only". I think Valentine's Day has traumatised a lot of bloggers.

~Sirius~ said...

Well Written, if I May say so myself.

I and The Mister didn't even bother exchanging gifts.

Neither did we try to get our love on in public with the rest of Lagos. (Heard it was total chaos)

It was Home, Peace & Quiet, Good Home Cooked Food and 24 Marathon.

And it was Awesome!

The commercial hype for Vals day is just too much!

Happy Vals day to you too.

Myne Whitman said...

Belated Vals to you too.

NoLimit said...

Happy Vals day to you too...Love is surely misunderstood! Love is 1Corinthians13...Na work!!!

akaBagucci said...

my sentiments exactly... although one is oft labelled a grinch for daring to express such!

Pink Satin said...


Rita said...

Hmmm..."love is overrated and tops the chart as the most misunderstood word in the English language" though humourous, this is very true.

Happy belated Val's day jo...

Funms-the rebirth said...

u are so right...... love is overrated and the valentine's day has lost its meaning.... i worked that day and paid no attention to the happy lovers on the streets...happy belated vals to u too...

BBB said...


kmplx said...

I disagree (OMG - I disagreeing with my love, baroque). love is not overrated. imitations & misconceptions of love are overrated.
I agree Val's day is totally silly. as is Father Christmas, but everyone loves Xmas pressies... Or is that just me?

LusciousRon said...

Oh to us! The day is totally overrated but why do I feel let down every time I don't get the calls I wish for?

Must be something in the air! Hope you are good. Missed you

Queen of My Castle said...

Not really big on that day, either, but I am, however, really into Steak and BJ Day. One of the most awesomest days of the year. LOL. How are you, lust muffin?

bArOquE said...

~CAramelDee, it sure had me traumatised

~Sirius, home, peace & quiet, good home cooked food & teevo…that’s the life

~Myne Whitman, nwannem, thank you joo

~NoLimit, 1st Corinthians 13 is mad work that is almost not workable

~akaBagucci, grinch or not, express your sentiments

~I like PinqSatin

~Rita, very true abi? hope you enjoyed yours?

~Fumsd dRebirth, work? You cant imagine the traffic here that Sunday evening…very frustrating

~BBB, hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

~kmplx, its just you… how dare you disagree with me…now go into that room take your clothes off, & bend over…36strokes on your bare bum (unless you have something else in mind) *wink*

~LuciousRon, my dear there’s nothing in the damn air…it’s the same. I missed you too

~MyQOMC, you know just what to say…pray, do tell, what is Steak & BJ day??? …btw, many kisses to you my Queen

Queen of My Castle said...

I don't know why that 'many kisses to you' bit made me smirk a little. Steak and BJ day is the male equivalent to V-Day. Instead of flowers and candy, men receive steaks and blow jobs. March 14th. LOL

Miss Natural said...

lol i disagree, love is so not overrated. or maybe i am speaking from a youthful position :) hope you had a good day nevertheless

Original Mgbeke said...

Never been in love so I can't speak on it. I do think that Vals day is overrated though.

kmplx said...

erm... there will be no spanking, you dirty old man. the love has officially died.

AlooFar said...

funny post.

are men allowed to drop comments?

PS: this is not a comment.

bArOquE said...

~MYQueen, 14th March has got me & you lock away somewhere *wink* yes?

~Miss.Natural, maybe these things come to you ‘naturally’ or should I say, in time, you might think differently…thanks I had a nice day, you?

~Mgbeks, what do you mean, never been in love before??? Or you just didn’t know you were in love…if you haven’t though, I pray that if you fall hard into it, there’ll be a cushioning effect

~kmplx, officially died? My dear, the plan was not to spank you *naughty wink*

~Aloofar, I noticed you did not comment here…LMAO…please feel free to comment