Monday, 2 August 2010

Food & Drinks Only



Chapman / Sunrise / Piña colada

Finger Foods

Spring Rolls / Sausages / Peppered Goat Meat (Asu) / Mini puff

Native Dishes

Banga / Egusi / Okazi / Opurofulo Soup with Pounded Yam / Eba / Fufu / Starch


Kekefia (Unripe Plantain Porridge) / Nkwobi


Fried Rice / Jollof Rice / Coconut Rice / Native Rice (Banga) / Vegetable Salad


Garlic Fish / Peppered Snail / Chicken in Tomato Sauce & Green Pepper / Goat Meat


Fruit Salad / Cakes / Ice-cream



Moet Rose (Brut Imperial & Nectar) / Vueve Cliquot


Remy Martin VSOP / Hennessy VSOP


Vin rouge / Blanc Vin / Rosé


Guinness Stout / Star / Gulder / Harp / Heineken


Citrus / Apple / Pineapple / Mango Juice


Malt Drinks / Coke / Fanta / Sprite / Redbull / Bottled water

~ far so good, we're talking approximately NGN5,380,000 (USD $36,000)



ZeL said...


ZeL said...

That menu looks terribly tempting...but that's a lot of money too

bArOquE said...

as in eh, i had barely dropped the post before your comment came in, are you stalking me *wink*

PS: better soup, na money kill am!

ZeL said...

Excuse you??? See how you ran over to my page. Are you stalking me???

lol@your p.s, my mum always says that

Myne Whitman said...

I want to rder peppered snail and rose.

ps. I'm watching you and Zel with my corner eye o...

mizchif said...

Uh oh!
New template, Nice....

Ahem, is somebody planning a wedding and not inviting us?

inStilettos said...

definitely my sort of menu...

ibiluv said...

whats the occasion?

Miss Natural said...

Myne I swear you read the corner of my mind, the thought was at the corner hehe now its been pushed forward slightly. Is that the menu for the Independence day celebration. If so quite extravagant.

SHE said...

Who is having a party?

Much more importantly, WHERE and WHEN?

CaramelD said...


kmplx said...

where's the JD?

bArOquE said...

~Zel...make una follow me see this Zel of a girl oh...LOL...who is stalking who???

~MyneWhitman, please oh, follow me with that your corner me & you get that peppered snail & Rosé...i found one cheap nice one in J'borg, Nederburg Rosé (just mu na gi)

~mizChif, wedding see menu? even if na Yar'Adua under-age daughter i wan marry

~inStilletos, shey you dig the menu too? *wicked*

~ibiluv, my dear, na one big man for Bayelsa man lil sis was the events manager for his 60th birthday celebs...she had me do all her administration (am yet to recieve payment for my services) heehee

~MissNatural, extravagant you think? maybe i should have included the quantities...your mind would have been blown
PS: leave me & Zel alone *wink*

~SHE, well, i could have gotten you an invite if you said so too much ghen ghen, you for just wear that your fine ankara dress & we're rocking in Yenegoa

~CaramelD, yes oh...60th birthday bash!

~kmplx, the exact same thing i thought...but i guess JD is not so so served at this kind of functions...we can do ours privately, yes?

Funms-the rebirth said...

and what are we celebrating..........:)

Lara said...

this is some serious menu, guess as much that it was for a party. A friend's sister planned a wedding and the canopy alone was 1.5m, as money dey this we country no be small.

Rita said...

Did you open a resturant or is this where your money goes to? Abeg, I am supposed to be on some form of diet, dont tempt me with this post :-)

YankeeNaija said...

Wow. That's a lot of food. A lot on this list makes me miss Naija a great deal, especially the unripe plantain porridge. With this list, I might go into a food coma. First time here. Went through some of your past posts. Interesting read.

cerberus said...

and i bin wan run PHC come chop sharp sharp. mschewwww

bArOquE said...

~Fums, read my above reply@Ibiluv...60th birthday party

~Lara, you should have seen the prices attached to the items for this dear, there's some serious money in this country but it is in the hands of only a few imberciles

~Rita, i hope its a weight gain diet (if not, Mr.Rita must hear about it)...from the look of your cheek bones, you might do just fine with this menu, unlike we that already score very high on the BMI scale

~YankeeNaija, LOL@food coma...whatever the hell is that? need to have tasted that Kekefia, with dried fish & dreid oporo (crayfish)...yummy!!! you're welcome here anytime, feel free to drop a line whereever

~Cerberus, & what is stopping you? booze & chow dey...ngwa enter train start to come, i'll meet you at Garrison Train Station in PH...use the East-West Express Trains, it should get you here in 3.5hours
...i wish

miz-cynic said...

is it ur wedding, all these food.
me i gbadun exotic non-alcoholic drinks jare.and asun and small chops and chinese meals at a party those wold be my favs

YankeeNaija said...

I did taste it with the dried fish and crayfish. Why do you think I miss it so much????? And a food coma is when you've eaten soooo much food, you go into a deep sleep. Did that once when my friend and I went for breakfast and had pancakes the size of our heads. Slept for 6 hours.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Sounds like my kinda party!

bArOquE said...

~miz-cynic, there is nothing exotic about non-alcoholic drinks joo...a lil shayo wont hurt anyone...LMAO

~YankeeNaija, i'm hungry right now, & drikning a cup of coffee...i would rather not talk about food right now..hahahaha
6hours sleep comments
in my mother's words, "too much food makes one stupid"

~NDQ, ...then i should invite you for the next one

YankeeNaija said...

Needless to say, i never did that again. went through your blog. you seem to have mellowed a bit. very interesting. never did find out what happened w/ Nma. curious how that worked out.

bArOquE said...

~YankeeNaija, LOL@you not doing your food coma again...near death experience shey?...
thanks to you, i went back & read all the stories about Mma from 2007 didnt seem like i wrote that, it felt so good, i enjoyed everybit of it (am so proud of me)...heehee...actually, you are right, i think i have mellowed abit

YankeeNaija said...

happy you mellowed a bit, but still doesn't answer my question on what happened to mma. never mind, think you did answer. *singing jayz and swiss beatz "on to the next one"

bArOquE said...

well, not sure that mellowing is a welcomed developement...i might just put up a post continuing r finishing that story (seeing that you are eager to hear)
...LOL@on to the next one, you make it sound like i went in for the kill, it was mutual, she was a big girl & wanted to play ball *wink*

Ms. Catwalq said...

You charge 30K+ for just that amount of food?
Na wah o. seems like i need to switch career paths...
stopped by to say hello...

inStilettos said...

yummmm! whats the calorie count again?

rethots said...

...did you get my order?

Anyaposh said...

na wa for this kain moni! this na the kain thing people dey collect for a year inside Amrica. average annual salary go commot inside one-time chop! hmm...abeg, collect ya payments quik quik!

bArOquE said...

~MsCatwalq, hello to you too…LOL@switching career paths, maybe

~inStilletos, does it matter, there’s enough alcohol to douse the calories & the cholesterol

~reThots, yes I did…just be patient

~Anyaposh, that’s how we gets down @ this our corner of the world