Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Phone IV – Tryst

Tryst I

She’s not half bad, this colleague of mine, professionally speaking, that is. Eve had just made a presentation at the meeting and she was fantastic. I had no idea why I was feeling the way I was but she sure made me swell with pride, then I started seeing her in that light again, my mind was going places. It didn’t quite feel appropriate so I dropped it. I am of the opinion that Eve is the most attractive woman in my office. On our way to the hotel she told she was going out to have dinner with this guy whom she was in a situation with, (the way she put it), with whom she had issues to clear.

Up in my room on the 6th floor, I pick up my cell phone to call Nma when I see the text message.

‘Baroque, call me when you’re done I’m on the island, lets hook up, Nma’

I phone her right away and we agree to meet in about an hour and a half minutes at a bar in the cinema building not very far away from my hotel. I get there on time, a little after dusk, loud music playing. Still freshly smelling of my new fragrance, I look for a nice corner and hide myself so I would see her once she walks in. I order a small bottle of Guinness Extra Stout and start scouting anxiously. I was on the lookout for a not so very dark skinned, taller than the average Nigerian woman, with distinctly wide hips.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket; instinctively I let it ring till it cuts. I bring out the phone later and see a missed call from Nma, then I quickly sent a text message to Eve, asking how her evening was going.

Finishing my drink, I stand to make across the room when someone taps me lightly and says, “Hello, Mr. B”, startled, I spin around and see this not so very dark skinned, taller than the average Nigerian woman grinning at me. “My name is Nma” she says smiling from ear to ear, I open wide for a hug instead. After I disengage from this very big, warm and full breasted embrace, I look at the other end of the room and in wonder I say.

“How did you know I was the one? The phone?” I enquired smiling like I had just won a lottery
“The chance I had to take. I’ve been watching you since you entered here. It just had to be you”
“You’ve been watching me? And I was feeling very smart, thinking I’d find you first. I thought you were that girl, the one in the dark top” I replied, nodding in the direction of a girl I thought was Nma.
“Don’t tell me you were gonna walk up to their table. You almost fooled me though, I called but you didn’t even reach for your phone” she said
“Well, you never really can be sure. The chance I had to take too” I retorted cheekily ogling back at her cleavage as it stared me rudely in the face. ‘Nice breasts’ I thought to myself

“Instinctively I knew it was you the moment you brought out your phone and sent that high speed text message” sounding like she had just debunked a mystery. We laugh hilariously about how I had successfully peeled the number pad with my reckless speed text typing skill.

She had a blue denim jacket on a green camisole over a pair of sky blue jeans that held fast unto her shapely figure. Her slim waist projected her hips making her look like a mermaid, then I noticed her flat tummy. However, I couldn’t wait to run my hands over her sides down past her hips and through the underside of her backside up to the base of her spine up to her nape, my ever roving mind had begun its expedition.

I take one quick look at her, digesting her full womanly frame in one swoop, valuing what I see, I smile, give her a firm handshake and say, “So pleased to meet you, Nma. And pardon my saying; you no try for the description at all” I tell her

“Why? Did I do a bad job?” she asked curiously
“Dreadful job, you properly under described yourself” I said smiling
“As in?” she asked like she was blushing
“I like what I see and I say no more, at least for now” I say conclusively.
“Ok, let’s go grab dinner. I didn’t have lunch and I’m starving” she suggested speaking both our minds.

She wanted to eat something local so we took a drive to this nice quiet restaurant somewhere on the island where I had white rice and goat meat pepper soup, she had ‘ofada’ rice and dried fish. I found her modest, quite unpretentious and I liked it. We had a very lively enlightening conversation, getting to know ourselves better. I couldn’t hold the official driver till after 9pm so I asked if we could return to my hotel so he could take the car back to the office and get home.


Jaja said...

Let me secure my position first. This is my first time of being first!

geisha said...

so where's the rest of the story?

kokolette said...

that driver excuse was
so what happened at the hotel?
Happy New Year!!!

Isi said...

hmmm B! next time eh, start the gist from the hotel, then rewind to how and where u first met...
but didnt u say something about being discreet with women this new year?

Lighty said...

happy new year luvvie!
so finally u met nma? goooooood. u like her but looks like u're attracted to eve. ummmmm. i smell dilenma in the future but isnt it great to have options?

by the way did u av a fantastic holiday?

desperate lady said...

ok so what happened next? u fucked her? this suspense is smackin ma behind.Does Eve like you? or are u just the one breaking ur head?
I'll advice u settle for Nma o.

Baroque said...

@Jaja, first to cum, you didn’t leave a comment on the story

@Geisha, patience, patience & thanks for visiting...’ll hit y’all with Tryst II of Phone IV in a short while

@my kokolette, it wasn’t so much of an excuse u know, it just worked in my favour LOL...i will give you the hotel koko soon...a lil patience sweetie

@Isi, abi oh, I thought of that but didn’t think it’d suit this story...& can you please remind me when I made the discretion resolution...however, I’ll try...that thing fit happen this year sha...keep you posted

@lighty273%, my holidays were da bomb, was in Calabar for the Christmas, did it all & didn’t bump into Callywaffybabe...I don’t know what you drank this new year that you’re smelling things about my just might not be wrong...& yea, sometimes it feels great to have options

@desperate lady, u like trouble oh...see as you drop the question with such desperation...whether I fuck dey ask question sha...thanks for the advice but it’s a hard one yet...& thanks for visiting my blog...I should drop by yours

@callywaffybabe, why have you chosen to treat me this way???

Miss Maple said...

I always knew men do some ‘funny’ things to get women to react, guess it gives u pple some kind of validation? Lol.
Why didn’t you pick the phone when she called you?

1st time here. Interesting read.
Now go update!

bumight said...

I gt lost on the way to ur blog a while ago, why didn't I find my way here earlier...or later, lyk after my exams?
I'm most def coming back
...and how did DL get here before me?

Baroque said...

@missmaple, for some reason, i felt i was being watched, like some1 needed me to answer the phone...i wasnt going to give them that pleasure....welcome to my blog

@bumight, how can you get lost, didnt you have proper directions? please do come back

desperate lady said...

@bumight-lol i get everywhere before u, dont forget i'm d desperate 1*wink*

Hengish said...

I love your blog.
It's my first time here.
I can't wait for the update!!

bumight said...

that is true, how did DL get here before me? instead of updating, u're busy blog-hopping abi? pshew! lol!
I'm bookmarking u baroque, so 'll never get lost again!

Jaja said...

I didnt leave a comment... when you wont give somebody full story, You r doing me "to be continued shortly" as if say na HINTS wey I dey read...

But you know your stories too funny and serious at the same time.
Cool man!

cally-waffybabe said...

Ah ah my hunk baroque, wetin i do na ehn???

Miss ya. Muah muah muah!!!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...


kokolette said... what now happened?

Baroque said...

@desperatelady, i'm back in town where internet works...dropping like right now

@hengish, good to have you here...can i offer you something?

@bumight, alright...better not lose me...i hate being lost

@jaja, you still de read HINTS? i hear say now na Better Lover oh

@myCWB, wetin u do me??? see question u dey ask me! anyway more kisses backatcha...i cant wait to find out what your tongue taste's like

@catwalq, Eh?

@kokolette, wait & see

rethots said...

"‘Nice breasts’ (WHAT? He didn't just tell her that) I thought to myself" (Haaa......but, come to think of it, what if he did?).