Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Another List

...was tagged by Tyger and sorrowfully couldn’t post it before the end of last year

Accent: Purposefully English, Ingeniously Naija and then functionally grammatical
Booze: Vodka and Campari…some Sprite
Chores I Hate: Washing and ironing clothes
Dogs/Cats: I’ll pass on the pussy
Essential Electronics: my 14” notebook…if a laptop counts as electronics
Favourite Perfume: Python by Trussadi, Pleasures for Men by Estee Lauder
: I prefer the precious yellow metal, Au

: the other real oil city in Rivers State
: Never lose sleep and love it
Job title
: right now, Estate Maintenance Engineer
Kids: To the best of my knowledge, None
Living arrangements: 2 bed flat, all by myself…right now, a hotel
Most admired trait: Diastema
Number of sexual partners: I really do not know, but unquestionably too many
Overnight hospital stays: Never, and I pray it stays that way
Phobia: formally Heights & Enclosed Spaces but now, most likely of what lies beneath deep waters
Quote: “instead of trouble, make rain fall”
Religion: Christianity
Siblings: Four (4) others
Time I usually awake: Varies, depending on the day’s activities
Unusual talent: Organising
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Garlic (is it really a veg)
Worst habit: Over planning and analysing
X-rays: bet you can see right through me
Yummy foods I make: potato pottage with kidney beans, mince meat in vegetable sauce
Zodiac sign: Scorpio (yea, very sexy)

I'm tagging Isi, callywaffybabe, mrs.somebody, porterd’harcourt, jaja and badderchic



Tyger said...

i'm first.... first.... first.... one up for me... i'm a bonafide blog stalker! and i love pleasures for women by estee lauder, right after 360 degrees woman by perry ellis... lol... nice one your list

Isi said...

oh no u didnt just sneak back and place 2 posts without my knowledge!
ur memes are always hilarious and fun to read!
howz ebony? *wink!

Baroque said...

@Tygerbabe, you’re bonafide blog stalker...two ups for you sweetie...glad u like my list...Estee Lauder Pleasures is just it, I got the new one for men 30ml, I’m gonna buy another one...just opened one Paul Smith for Men

@Isi, my dear, I had to sneak back, it was long overdue, I’ll tell you next time...anyway, I’m out with Tryst II real soon...I’ve got another meme coming soon too...about Ebony, looks like the December she spoke about was last December…old story now...i don refocus

AnyaPosh said...

I'm also a Scorpio! I've got 4 other siblings and I come from an oil city. Could we be related? LOL...