Friday, 14 March 2008


I know
I know
this time its for real and
I know she’ll be jealous
I know so
I know I’m gonna get very hungry after this post
and I know I don’t know what I want to eat
I know Jesus is Lord
I so know that
I know that preparation precedes performance
I know it felt really good when I saw my last payslip
I know
I know Obasanjo will die and go to hell
I know that Odili will be right behind him
I know
I know I love Isi’s blog and she loves mine too
I know I might never be perfect but I do my best
I know a stitch in time saves nine
I know
I know if I put my heart to it, I can achieve it
I know I need to lose some weight
I know
I know that sex makes the world go round
I know say wetin dey kill person go first block him ear
and I know say trouble no good
I know
I know
too much
I know that I will tag the first 6 chics that come to mind
and I know you’ll do me comment about it

Blackjamesbond, thanks for letting me borrow without asking

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Jaja said...

I know Obasanjo will die and go to hell
I know that Odili will be right behind him

-I disagree-
I think Odili should go first and OBJ behind...

And we dont care what their families think or feel...

bumight said...

Get thee behind me Jaja!

I know I'm going to do the tag
I dont know when :)

Lighty said...


i know,
i know baroque has poetry skills
i know

i know somehow he cannot hide it, it comes natural
i know he probably is bored at this moment
then i again i know too much

i know he is reading this and smiling
or maybe i dont know
but i think i know.
i know he has finally abandoned my blog
there's proof
i dont know why
i know i wonder.

i know one of these days i would do the tag
thing is i dont know when that would be.

Baroque said...

@jaja, you feel me huh...on second thoughts, i think Odili should go first right?

@bumight, what has Jaja done to you? or not? na two of una know. ok then do the meme

@lighty, its not like i've abandoned you blog...truth is, your page is almost always open on my computer but never the time to read...4give pls...ok madame, your mini meme is almost nicer than mine :-)take time at urs looking for it

Tyger said...

yes yes yes... i know obasanjo will go to hell.. odili too... and they berra not come with that repentance shit... we no go gel.. us and Jesus!...

I know i came to Baroque's mind.. i know i know... i know i'm flattered!.. lol.. i so know that ..

Lighty said...

make una easy with obasango now. u all do realise my friend would lose a father with all ur prayers?

if y'all know it would wreck ur spirits if u lose ur father then dont wish obasango dead abeg.
and he's not going to hell. tyger. so stop this.

baroque, see wetin u dey do?????

desperate lady said...

lol u no well. u know u felt really good when u saw ur last payslip.......ummmm how much was it? wanna share? ma ass is broke for now....
how much do u weigh? tell me i wanna know too.
u know she'll be jealous.....ummmm ur sooo wrong, i am soooo not jealous.

Tyger said...


no make i stop anything o... if he is your friends papa nko?.. pshew... person whey get evil papa suppose ready to lose am o....

ibiluv said...

who go jealous?
u wicked o
wetin Obasanjo do u?
well.............make them go hell jare
i dey ur back
the do?without it
no me and u sef
i love u as u be............
na true so once anything block my ear
na to run

cally-waffybabe said...

BAROQUE!!! *screaming*


lol @ Obasanjo. I actually pray that God will have mercy on him and all of us.

But this was good.


Engee said...

Have been here a few times but have never dropped a comment.......couldn't help it this time

This is good

Baroque said...

@tyger, you're the feel me abi?

@lighty, i understand what you mean but truth is, if my dad were to be like Obj or Odili then the same treatment shall he u dey naa?

@ibiluv, you're too much...just be smart...a word is enough

@callywaffy, no block my ear oh

@solomonssmthang, thanxx

@engee, thanks a million for the comment, glad you loved it

ok people here comes another

Hengish said...

I only just saw my name on that post.

I know I will eventually do this tag but like Bumight I don't know when.

Isi said...

i've been AWOL (and am still AWOL)... but yes i like ur blog...

B wait o, are u fat? eh? u dont write like u r fat...u write like u could be six feet tall, dark, and..well...not Denzel, but good enough. lol


Baroque said...

@hengish, so have you done the meme?

@isi, HELL NO! i'm not fat. i dont think i'm as fit as i should be, abit over weight but dont look it...i'm working out, praying i loose 25kg (lots of ppl seem to disagree with me)...i might not fit the entire TDH profile, 2/3, a bit light skinned. 6ft 1in and quite hunky...u guessed right
PS:i dont think Denzel is as hot

Isi said...

hehehehe... hiya!
a lil sun tan will do to complete the TDH look...