Thursday, 27 November 2008

My A to Z

To all the bloggers who obliged me with their ONE WORDS...I remain exceedingly thankful

Alpha Romeo, too fast, too furious, too expensive
Bubbling with my new irrepressible feeling of positivity
Celibacy is to Gay Bishops as Masturbation is to Ex-Presidents
Deosculate, Angelina Jolie
Ego kneaded with a little sweet almond oil won’t kill anyone
Fuck, strictly vaginal
Goat, knife, water, salt, pepper, onions, spices, scent leaves, udder...& of course maggi cubes
Dr. Napoleon’s malicious attempt to mystify me with Haitian hula tricks
Iridescent, buy a new
television and stop slapping the sides
Juvenileness, Remand Home, Abeokuta
Karma, back to sender
Lunatic, Rear Admiral Harry Olufemi Arogundade
Minds Eye, if only...
Nipple, the harder the better
Orgasmic, climax doesn’t always feel like
Phoenix might just be my uniquely remarkable self
Quality of life by Kellogg’s Credit Crunchies
Razzness, damn right practical and realistic
Sexagenarian, free medical services at UPTH
Time by
Romain Jerome
Unorthodox Ultraclean Penetration, absolutely no need for protection
Virgin, Uncle Richie’s (Branson) brand
Woes and more unto
Xenophobia, unless maybe Lebanese and maybe Afghans...
Yummy, mumsy’s okazi soup with dry fish and snails
Zebra Crossing, No cars are passing, its just reality flashing


bumight said...

this is cool sweetie! said...

insightful indeed :P
(see what i did there? my comment starts with the same letter as the one before... :))

Emeka Amakeze said...

Conspicously excellent!

Shubby Doo said...

awww mumsy's okazi soup…you do have a soft side…i pray that this your new irrepressible feeling of positivity continues 4ever o!

i liked this o…

but wait a minute oga… b4 your brain scatter pass let me do you a favour…*slaps baroque*… come back to reality jare and stop thinking about Angelina… mother of 6 ke?…like badderchic don talk…all the women for blogville dey…buttercup lips dey… na Angelina jolie you wan kiss… see dis yeye man!

Fuck…Strictly Vaginal…LOL…I’m thinking back to that post of yours where you declared yourself 273% straight… RTFLMFAO… i believe my dear

hmmm…these days… there is rarely a need for no protection

FFF said...

lmao. u r not a serious person oh. but ur response is ingenious. am really impressed, bu also freaking tired. so, am off now.

Ms.O said...

Interesting read!

miz-cynic said...

fuck-strictly vaginal.meaning u neva tried 2 put it into any girls asshole.

Temite said...

timeless. hehehehehe. Off I go now.

exschoolnerd said...


Lunatic, Rear Admiral Harry Olufemi Arogundade

BlackRose said...

teww mad..luv ur blog!!!

kmplx said...

hmmmm.... :D i likes!

Buttercup said...

Brilliant response! *gives baroque a standing ovation*

guerreiranigeriana said...

...yes, i'm with buttercup...*stands up and claps enthusiastically*...bravo my good man, bravo...i too was a little concerned with the angelina jolie bit...maybe a little hateration...whatever! my yummy word wasn't disallowed...

bArOquE said...

@bumight, thanx

@geisha, i no see that thing you dey talk oh...which same letter

@Amakeze, excellent? thanx man

@Shubby, i be my mama pikin oh, & the woman dey cook die...leav 6kids story, have you seen her lips?...if you have a dick, you will understand that there's a mystery to the pussy...CHAI...have you ever heard the phrase, Unorthodox Ultraclean Penetration

@FFF, ingenious? i try to be...wetin tire you, Ejike?

@Ms.O...i didnt see your ONE WORD!

@mizcynic, i fear that your question...NO, i havent tried it b4 you go to where?

@XSN, dont you think so?

@BlakRoze, thanx oh...welcome here anytime, next time i'm serving Capuccino

@kmlx, you likes...

@Buttercup, na you i for put for D ow...those pink lips *closes eyes in wonder*

@gnaija with her hateration, make una no dey make me blush...leave my Angelina for me

NoLimit said...

Chei Baroque is too sharp!!!
But am still beefing!!!*frowning madly*!!!

ablackjamesbond said...

Nice one bro

LusciousRon said...

I love this A-Z. Any chance of getting more soon? So you are this smart? (Snickering like muttley in 'Wacky Races')

bArOquE said...

@Limitless, why you dey beef? you were & Nacet, sho sharp pass? LMAO

@Blak007, thank you so much ;-)

@Luscious, leave smartness *blushes* yea, i might just make it a regular & do one in January, or better still tag someone to get theirs don, the whole works *snickers back*

Buttercup said...

*blushes all shades of red* lol..

guerreiranigeriana said...

...oh now...don't tell me baroque is afraid of a lil blushing?...good luck with angelina o!...after you fight through the million and one men and women and children in line for her, you still have her six children and brad pitt...i know you're strong, but um...

...anyway...what's the gist for this year's carnival?...i've been checking the website and nothing really...i know hotels are a joke (i'll be staying with family or coming in the day before or so)...but what about the actual parade?...what happens?...what happens afterwards-parties, clubs, etc.?..thanks love:)...

...i can't remember, are you from calabar?...let me go and do some 'research';)...

~Sirius~ said...

Wow......Really good, well written....Nice work.
you had me at buy a new television...B & O is the Ish!......

Jaja said...

You are a smart dude.

Afrobabe said...

hmmmmmm strictly varginal as opposed to???

miz-cynic said...

@afro tnx me ask him o.baroque-at least no b me ask dis one.but u made my one word intrsting sha

Standtall said...

Fuck stricly PENIS! Yeah.

Lunatic, sure Arogundade. Sure

Woe: PHCN, yeah!

BlackRose said...

cos im lazy like dt..i'll update soonest

Just...Toluwa said...


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Loved it!You should do another one!

"Zebra Crossing, No cars are passing, its just reality flashing"-That was too funny!

--and you forgot to mention the Niger people you put on blast on my blog under Xenophobia! lmao

bArOquE said...

@Buttercup, red? why do I think pink?

@gnaija, what have you found out from your research? You might want to read my comment on
about the carnival, however confirm if its on the 26th or 27th.btw, I spoke with Angie this morning…she says Brad is fine.

@sirius, B & O is the ish…I second

@Jaja, & so are you

@Afrobaby, you know everything naa…I do only naturally lubricated crevices, thank you

@miz-cynic, you are hereby suspected of obliging your wrong hole…

@Standtall, PHCN is the one I cant stand.

@BlakRose, lazzie you…please do

@Toluwa, thanks

@NDQ, yea, I might do another one…the zebra crossing line was not my original invention…ask Innocent Idibia…how the hell did I miss them….yea sure Niger people I dislike

miz-cynic said...

wht if i shock u and tell u none of my holes has been oblidged....oh u dirty boy!...see how u making me disrespect myself....holes indeed.....porno king.

NoLimit said...

@ baroque...e be like say ur brain sharp pass nacet(psyche!!!) I wasn't late were just being impatient! For crying out loud you threw it to the open public and then you now added your OWN comment!...okay one week don pass and I don cool down(no beef again jo!!!)...nothing spoil!

Ms Sula said...

That was really clever and insightful!

I particularly like the "Goat" one.

Makes me salivate. :)

Buttercup said...

Im colour-blind so it cuda been pink sha..

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

haha, quite funny, i like it

Queen of My Castle said...

SMH. You, this guy. LOL

doug said...


badderchic said...

Oya My trouble has finally come back

'Im in the mood Im in the mood I want to trouble Baroque'

Mumu boi how u dey na? I liked N the best abi what do you think? heeeheeeheee

bArOquE said... wonder you get apollo for eye...abeg try deconjify...unless its a DIY something

@nolimit, BRAIIIN TOOOUUCH...who for chop the beef naa?

@MsSula, right now, i really wont mind the p.soup at aaaaall

@Buttercup, yes oh, its pink

@fresh&fab, thanks...i think i do too

@doug, you laugh out loud...

@myqueen, please what dates are we looking at for the flight tickets?...i no de play oh

@badderchic, instead you go say you want your fancy tickled, you dey talk another thing?...bring your nipple here joo

Isi said...

bee, what's good?!

badderchic said...

Laughing my modafokin ass off!

you are a bitch Baroque...and I like it!

oya before they say I have started doin ashawo here now let me direct all my rubbish to ya inbox.

I don dey detach the nipple package am to you, DHL or FEDEX which one go reach you sharp sharp? because as I read this your comment finish the tins just stand like sometin wey cold dey catch and they refuse to go down.

"they in the mood they in the mood for some Baroquey sucking"

May God forgive me my sins that are many.


miz-cynic said...

@baroque n badder-get a rm already n stop coruptn us.

BlackRose said...


badderchic said...

@ Mz

the boy is chicken abi you no know?

dat one okrika said...

i read this twice before it started to click.. favorite line "Zebra Crossing, No cars are passing, its just reality flashing" ---i pictured 2face & 9ice

bArOquE na sharp dude oh.

miz-cynic said...

baroque,met someone in dubai who knws least she knws omo frm d walk in n out of love post.smal world ainnit?

badderchic said...

where you dey love?

bArOquE said...

@Isi, the boy is good...

@badderchic, apparently, we would have to go private...the thing don dey serious

@miz-cynic, we're working on it

@balckrose, i'm on it

@badder, again, na so e de be until the moto jam you

@okrikababe, like i said, the line wasnt originally you sharp joo

@miz-cynic, yes small i can sit on it

badderchic said...

see this mumu boy o!

which moto? you? I double triple mega, fourple dare you!

Queen of My Castle said...

I say some time in the Spring/ early Summer. Dresses, sandals, sun...ahhhh, pure bliss.

What do you say?

Lolia said...

@ badderchic
fourple dare? el oh el

meanwhile yup, apparently razz really is the new cool...who am I to complain?

bArOquE said... so your mouth go dey run (pun intended)...i'm a man of few words...but make e no be like say them no warn you

@QOmyC, lets keep in view...May would just be perfect, but can we wait till then?

@Lolia, goes further to prove how cool i am (not like i didnt know b4 sha...LMAO)

Smaragd said...

he's not only sexy, smart, metrosexual, big arsed (can be as big an arse as his though), he's a wordsmith! i'm impressed Baroque.

badderchic said...

@ Baroque

alright kid

Its on!

If you have the 'balls'

Snooker, tennis, golf...bring it on.

@ Y'all

who go referee this our fight?

Buttercup said...

hey..just checking on u!

bArOquE said...

@esmeralda, thanks for the big ups

@chairlady, you are looking for referee? sorry, i'm not into being the object of voyeurs, thanks...& in English Language, its just us, & it shall be all teasing, licking, sucking and long thing

@buttercup, thats so sweet...kissees

ibiluv said...

i'm late

berra than never

you sneaky smart devil.........

you aced the responses......mwah!!!!!!

erm......*wink*...what excatly does a hard nipple do????

Spicytee said...

Just checking u out..
But this is creativity at d baddest level.
Nice one bro.