Friday, 17 July 2009

Last Weekend

Friday Night;
Long Drives & Bumpy Wet Roads
More Bad Road & Rivers To Cross
Free Parking & News Café
Loud Music & Uncool Backup
Expensive Alcohol & Some Laughs

Early Saturday Morning;
Airport Runs & Distant Car Parks
Cash Points & Travelex Disappointment
Local Forex Abokis & Mysterious N5k Loss
Rain & More Rain

Saturday Afternoon;
Deep Sleep & Its 1600hrs
Awakened To Mad Starvation
Hook Ups & The Sumptuous Eba & Edika Ikong
Guinness & Smokes

Saturday Night;
Long Bridge Drives & More Rain
Radio Station Tour, Classic & New
Good Chatter & Mad Laughs
Mohito with No Ice & Lovely Lagoon View
Bridges Crossed To Deep Slumber

Sunday Morning;
Early Morning Drives & Drop Off Zones
Warm Duvet & Slumber Part II
Midday Flight & Early Check In
PH, The Garden City
My Home Sweet Home

Now, What Does This Weekend Hold?
Yesterday Would Have Been Mad Fun
But It Didn’t Happen
If Tomorrow Comes
Let Her Speak For Herself

I Hope This Weekend Is Better Then The Last One
However, Let It Be Golden For You All


Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

YAY!!! I deserve a present Mr Baroque!!!!!!!

Phoenix said...

Have a great weekend!!!

kmplx said...

did you go to calabar? only place i know cross a river that rains far too much for one place... do they have a lagoon...?

tunrayo said...

Have a great weekend too...hope you have 'mad fun' this time around

Miss Natural said...

me you've had a crazy weekend and so have I for the past couple of weekends have been an extension of my week. I claim the same for myself, a restful weekend, somehow I doubt it :(

StandTall-The Activist said...


Tigeress said...

cant believe this. on a saturday afternoon- there are other folks on blogsville. See me expecting i'll be 1st. Padosh!!!!!

Tigeress said...

Hope u're having a fun weekend.

bArOquE said...

~Phoenix, what present do you want? …come whisper to me

~kmplx, have you seen the mad rains in PH? anyway, that weekend was in Lagos not Calabar

~turayo, mad fun? I wish

~missNatural, hope you had a restful weekend…holla

~StandTall, yes, Let Her Speak For Herself

~Tigress, you lost your position…anyway, you have another chance on the next post…how was your weekend?