Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Futile Wrangle by LVMH & Jimmy Choo

“Women!” we all chorused in the middle of his story

He continued
After he had introduced and explained himself to the attendant, she brandishes a pair of silver coloured shoes then he enquired to confirm what the price was
“Sir, its sixty-five thousand naira” the attendant replied
I don’t know what his reaction was but it definitely was one of surprise because he picked up his phone and called his fiancée, she confirmed it was sixty-five thousand naira and said thank you before he consented to anything.

“Sixty-five thousand naira ke? Is that meant to be chicken change, then how much was the dress going to cost?”
“Why you dey talk like that?” he started to ask me, “You mean you no get shoe wey reach 60k?”
“My broda, no vex, I no get” I replied

“Ah ah, I have shoes that cost more than that oh” another friend added hilariously

“Wait oh, so you mean say as you dey like this, you no get shoe wey reach 60k?” He interrogated me further
“As I dey like how? That one na achievement?”
“Wetin you dey carry all your money do?” he said
“Definitely not buy shoes that cost 60k”
“Ol boy take your money buy quality things, no dey mise1”
“Quality fire, see eh, there’s nowhere you’ll wear your 1million naira shoe to that I won’t wear my regular priced shoes to”
“How many shoes you get sef?” he continued
“This boy, are you alright?” I asked him, “Like it’s of any importance, I’ve got more shoes than I can wear at the moment” I concluded
“Come to my house and let me show you a room filled with shoes only, some I never even wear” he boasted arrogantly
“Crap, I don see shoes wey you dey wear; your taste no follow. Guy, you still wear Timberland boots to work, common, what are we talking about?” I added
“You know how much I buy the Timbs?” he questioned, “You say I have no taste, you think say na that suit you wear come Mark wedding on Saturday?”

I thought to myself with this irate sensation gradually creeping over me, my friend was going down the road of being quite petty and I was not going to let him get me cheap.

“Gosh, you’re so unbelievable, ok na, lets get down to it, yes, my suit might not have been the best at the wedding but it sure was a perfect fit, but make we talk about the one you wear, considering the size, did you buy it for half a million naira?” I quizzed in utmost mockery.
“See this guy oh, I bought that suit two weeks ago in Italy for over five hundred Euros” he said pompously
“You had the opportunity to do the shopping yourself and all you could get was papa-dash-me? Ol boy, you yab, maybe if it was your size, it would have cost far less, ever heard of the word bespoke?” I said laughing
“Call am anything you like, but no wear that your rubbish suit again” he advised
“I gree, maybe your suit was a million Euros but take it from me, it didn’t look good on you. You looked like one OMATA guy, the fucking suit was oversized, mister. You were lost in it”

Luckily, someone interrupted, saying something about us being immature, (which honestly I agree). Moreover it seemed like it was going to be an endless spat and might likely get out of hand. We changed topics for the love of the game and proceeded to glug down the rest of the Hennessey that lay in wait unwearyingly.

The night ended on a merry note after the ship from the port had offloaded its consignment into our hands.


Zena said...

I'm first?

I'm first.....

Zena said...

Well at least you didn't get into an argument after that

You do have a point though, one does not have to spend huge amounts of money to look good, But we girls (or I)will pay a pretty penny for our Louboutins

Brokeass said...

mehn..them think say d money de grow for tree?
60k for a pair of shoes??
Isnt that like $300??
Father have mercy!!!

kmplx said...

so with brokeass on this one! especially as broke as am feeling right now!

NoLimit said...

Hmmm...I'll say never say never...Anybody can buy anything!!!
Buying a pair of shoes for app £250.00 shouldn't be a mark of achievement!!!...I mean what's all the fuss about...The shoe sef na diminishing asset! mscheeewww
Having said that,if you can afford to buy £1000 worth pair of shoes, so be it...just don't rub it in my face plus most of the time,it is always a case of "money miss road"
Take the case of your buddy who was practically "swimming" in something he bought himseld :-) mind them're still the don!!!

Shubby Doo said...

baby where are my jimmy choos heels and my louboutin knee high boots?! you bought them for me right?

*rushes over to hug baroque but sees his hands are empty as he brings them out from behind his back for an embrace*

someone is sleeping on the couch tonight...mscheeeewwww

mehnnn you guys sabi yab o! papa-dashme...omata guy!!!... lmao @ 'if it was your size, it would have cost far less, ever heard of the word bespoke'...that one is just priceless :)

mizchif said...

Errrr.....ship from the port,.......consignment,......hands....curioser & curioser, ngwa, come and explain.

But pls tell me u didn't really tell ur friend he was looking like an OMATA guy! Chai, na serious yab be dat oh!

cerberus said...

I am so lost...
Por vor who or what is an omata

Original Mgbeke said...

60k for a pair of shoes ke? I say who born the maga?
Abeg make ol' boy come dash me moni na. I hope say with that shoe, hin dey collect like 100 numbers per day. LOL

In all seriousness though, if man wan spend money then it's cool but don't come and be talkin' about me spending 5k on shoes. To each his/her own. Ol' boy was definitely being petty.

bArOquE said...

~Zena, we didn’t argue further. guys don’t roll like that…we went on like it was regular banter, got tipsy & then laid
…how much did/will your wedding shoes/slippers cost? not Louboutins I’m sure…hahaha

~BrokeaSS, his was a case of grass to grace…painful part is, it was something he didn’t work hard for (&that has still not changed)

~kmplx, at this time, such a convo is not the best, abi? hang onto your Jehovah Jireh, he will provide

~NoLimit, the shoe no be only diminishing asset…it was the fucking bride’s shoes (or slippers as they normally are), an antique it has become…thanks joo

~shuBBydOO, I had to give it to him, him vex me…meanwhile, shey you saw the Sultan of Brunei’s son? you say na me you wan fall in love with…common shift make I sleep. LOL

~miZchiF oh miZchiF, you like trouble…how come only you noticed…you guessed right my sweet child…you know home delivery, point & kill?…you’re too much joo.LMAO

~cerberus, OMATA – Onitsha Market Traders Association now Onitsha Market Amalgamated Traders Association

~OriginalMgbeke, the shoes were for his bride to go with her wedding gown on their wedding day…e be like say I been wan turn him wine back to water na im make him curse me like that. rubbish guy

LusciousRon said...

That is petty! Did you actually indulge in such conversation?

aeedeeaee said...

lmao @"...considering the size, did you buy it at half a million naira?" That shit hurt man! da-yum! but bros, na wa o! 60K for a pair of shoes...ok...jimmy, da was friggin' frivolous! kai dan gbur'uba! if the guy they find where im wan spend im money...i wan incorporate one, that was downright petty...your friend no try at all!

StandTall-The Activist said...

What has 'women' got to do with his story? I need more explanation.

Stop by and read Adaeze Interview and we need bt set time for yours -lol

What does culture mean to you?
"Big question! Culture means to me…a pattern of belief and behaviour, a set of values and social practices, combined with language, music and art. It is incredibly important to maintain the wonderful diversity we have on earth. First of all, lack of diversity is boring. Secondly, we would probably lose some perspective as we would have no one to compare ourselves against...." Adaeze

Confessions of a London gal said...

No one loves shoes as much as me, and even me sef no fit use 65k buy ONE shoe!!!
Olosious somebody your friend, olosious somebody!

sweetness said...

i love shoes
but id rather buy smthn other thingSSS with my 65 k than a sh-o-e

Tyger said...

my personal opinion - it never pays to be cheap, also, - it never pays to be stupid.

i think £100 -150 pounds is a good price to spend on a pair of shoes (about 25000 - 35000 naira or $180 dollars)- and this is coming from a shoe addict... if you calculate the wear ratio of the shoe - yes there is something like that.... that price is just right

60k is just crap! there are better things to do with money than buy diminishing, businessness to invest in, appreciating assets to buy... who are these people sef!

bArOquE said...

~LusciousRon, quite petty I must say, but I had to give him my piece of mind

~aeedeeaee…no mind that guy joo…seems like you are full of IDEAZ…

~StandTall, the actual story was that, some govt guy had given him N200k as per the wedding, & the moment he mentioned it to his fiancée, she brought up the issue of the shoes she had chosen to wear, which cost 65k…need I explain more? LOL. women can no doubt be very predictable

~LondonGal, very olosious sumburri oh…meanwhile, have you been here all this while? when did you come back?

~sweetness, you can imagine, right now, 4 brand new tyres on my car would do me a world of good

~Tygerluv, my dear, I’m not agreeing with you on that one…it never pays to be cheap but, £100-150 is quite some money for shoes, esp for an addict…who una be sef? LOL

Tigeress said...

lol!!! Ur friend seems to have a serious complex!! U able to cut him loose?

Lady X said...

Funny how some really expensive desginer clothes when worn wrongly by the wrong people look very cheap. It's sad but some people just always look cheap and un-classy no matter what they wear...
That said hope it's not always the same case for your friend...

ManCee said...

Ol boy,
that money is something...person like me would rather spend it on a gadget, say the iPhone3Gs or Nokia N97, lol. Not a piece of outfit.
But really, your friend is kinda petty o.
I say may the day never come when I'll measure my selfworth by what I wear. Amen

miz-cynic said...

BAROQUE!trouble maker!

Buttercup said...

Lmao! But on the real, what's the freaking point of buying stuff that cost a fortune when they don't make you look good? It really pisses me off. How you dey jare?

theicequeen said... True Love and see 110k shoes...that are just as good as my regular priced ones...

how you dey sef? haven't been on in a min..

p.s where do you hang out in PH? maybe i can come and try and spot you in the crowd :P

CaramelD said...

Hmm your mate is on a slippery path, his self esteem is directly attached to how much money he spends on stuff. No, no, no!

Please he should give me the money let me put to real use!

bArOquE said...

~Tigress, he’s not such a terrible person, he can be quite nice. I don’t think cutting him off is much of an option; I just carefully select the topics I discuss with him

~LadyX, he doesn’t particularly look very wrong in his clothes however I am yet to see him look exceptional…folded sleeves with white inner shirts, all tucked in jeans with casual shoes is his regular outfit

~ManCee, guy Nokia N97 is da ish oh
…may that day when we measure our self-worth by what we own never come in Jesus Name

~mizCynic, me? wetin I do again na? LOL…I was in the mood for him that day

~Buttershizzle, I dey alright joo…make you no mind yeye people

~iceQueen, where is this True Love place? N100k shoes my ass….now you tell me about you’re trying to spot me in PH, are you this the city?

~Caramel, you are right on point with that self esteem thing…how are you?

theicequeen said...

lol Baroquie True Love is a magazine, and yes, i am in this city and i want to play spot the hawt Baroque :P

latishababy said...

i won't buy shoes for 65,000 naira. i don't care what any nigga says. i'll just let it roll off ma back (Group 1 crew)