Monday, 3 December 2007

Another Unplanned Post

Why people dey beef each other for inside this blogsville?

Some people dey speak them mind
Others dey spit fire for their eyes

Some call each other names because them speak mind
Others just come shout AMEN!

Some people dey publicly discuss forbidden issues
Others dey shout from inside closets

Some claim they dem born dem outside closet
Abeg, which person closet be this?

Some people are in and out of sexless relationships
Others dey diagnose relationships

Some are remembering Moraks (RIP)
Others dey awaken Isaiah

Some are just up about On……….everything
Others jog and are wanted for breakfast by neighbourhood canine

Some dey set Bebe on fire
Others dey busy dey do Gulder Max

Some naughty girls have gone bad and have deleted blogs
Others are getting in touch with their darker men

Some dey admit students for non-academic academy
Other dey try lose weight with black jeans on the treadmill

Some dey vent dey paste other people comments for them blogs
Others dey put up unplanned posts

Some dey waka with loaded weapon, ever ready
Others never go wan buy polish make them shine congo

Some dey wonder wetin I dey write untop this post
Others dey smiile say I don drop one at least

…make una take one beer for my head


Isi said...

hehehehe... so baroque, what are you really ranting about? lol!!!!

Lighty said...

lololololol. baroque. na wa for u ohhh.

and i admit, u don drop one at least. lolol. i've missed u.


Zephi said...


was this suppose to be funny?
neways, there was a big grin on my face while reading..trying to match each sentence to respective blogger

fun game

Mrs Somebody said...

Baroque this definately brought me out of my silent mode.How u dey?

Jaja said...

Take one Gulder for my head.. for this one :)

Baroque said...

isi oh, that is the problem, i haven't got the faintest idea what i'm ranting about, na just small small things wey dey fly enter my eye :-)

@lighty273%, i've missed you too...& the way u fired me about Ebony...i dey com

@Zephi, least it brought a grin on your face...when i have time, i will edit the post and ass links to the respective blogger ;-)

@mrs.someburri, of course, i had to mention know say you be 'boze'...big warm hug for you

@Jaja, ol boy, na me dey declare the booze naa, i fear you oh!

Mrs Somebody said...

Pls baroque...wot is 'boze'???

cally-waffybabe said...

Hmmm i wonder who the naughty girl is...
Baroque, you're the naughty one for doing this post. LOL.

Baroque said...

@mrs.sumburri, 'boze' na opposite of 'actor'...i.e. the bad guy

@myCWB, i wonder who she is too. LOL...yea, you love me so...

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